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Blue Apple Education

School Communication & Design Experts

For the past 17 years, we have produced outstanding prospectuses, logos, branding and more for schools, proudly showcasing their unique and remarkable qualities in a way that captures hearts and minds, and stirs response.


Need a remarkable website? We design and build beautiful, easy to use websites for schools.


Distinctive, inspiring school prospectuses that arrest attention and convey to prospective parents what’s ‘remarkable’ about your school.


90% of parents say video helps their decision process, so let us create a film that brings your school to life.


Great photography holds the power to inspire, influence and create impact. Our vast experience means we know how to capture the spirit of your school, what’s ‘remarkable’ about it and communicate this through world-class photography.

Logo & Branding

With competition fierce, standing out from the crowd is increasingly vital with an emotive, impactful school brand.


We are, first and foremost, storytellers. We ensure YOUR school’s story is told in a way that will reach the hearts and minds of your community.

Welcome to Blue Apple Education

School Communication & Design Experts

Unearth the ‘remarkable’ in YOUR school

Our clients reckon we’re pretty remarkable too!

“A great success! A really impressive Academy production. Thanks to you all for your help and support.”

James Routs, Marketing Manager – Knutsford Multi-Academy Trust, Knutsford

“The latest logo has all been approved at our end – thank you so much. We love the plaque idea, real selling point.”

Katie Clifford, Assistant Head Pastoral and Head of Art – Wetherby Prepatory School, London

“Many thanks for all that you are doing. We are enjoying working with you on this initiative. We think that the photos are superb, and we really like the ethos of the design.”

Diane Swift, Director – The Keele and North Stafforfshire Primary SCITT, Newcastle Under Lyme


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