The Company
and its Humans.

We Stand Proud.


Your school is remarkable.

Once the things that make your school remarkable have been unearthed, they can be conveyed in delightful, convincing and extraordinary school communications.

Our focus is on making an impact, generating improved marketing returns for your school or multi-academy trust. In doing so we are unafraid to challenge conventional thinking; we achieve the highest standards through collaborative creativity, developing results-focused designs that not only look stunning but produce top quality results. Because of this we are supremely confident that we can create the very best school marketing, yet we’re always striving to do more and to do it better; to learn from both the challenges and the solutions.

We Show Off.


We are the School Communication & Design Experts that produce outstanding prospectuses, websites, logos, brochures, photography and more. We’ve been specialists in working with and understanding schools for over 20 years, offering exceptional design and communications that resonate with families, staff and communities.

In our dedication to educational design and marketing, we have developed trusting relationships with many 100s of schools, colleges and educational trusts across the globe. It is our ability to search out and show off the unique character of each and every school that makes Blue Apple Education an invaluable partner to so many.



We Are Ourselves.

David William Limb Junior.

Founder and Managing Director


Born in Wythenshawe, Manchester, long before Marcus Rashford made it a respectable place to come from. He grew up in marginally posher Stockport in a 2-up and 2-down terrace. His secondary school was grim, and thankfully closed down, though not before spewing out an indignant David. He vowed then that his own future children, aside from being bright and beautiful, would always have a choice about their school and would never be stuck somewhere for the sake of convenience.

David likes to boast about his Czech roots, which perhaps explain how, as a child, he felt free to shirk playing football like a proper Manchester lad and instead pursue his interest in photography, spending hours alone taking pictures of begonias, butterflies and bees. This may have been his first foray into design, a journey that led to forming the design company that would be Blue Apple Education – in his bedroom – in 2000 – with a tangerine iMac and a steely determination. Since then, he’s lived in Cheshire, Michigan, Ohio and Wyoming, and is now found in Marbella with his wife Dasha, also doing sterling work for the company, and two bright, beautiful – and well educated – children. Fair to say he’s never looked back, but he’s still rather fond of begonias.

Mark Stuart Davis.

Sales Director


Born in Merseyside where children opt early for either football or music. Though his three brothers were football mad, Mark was more Paul McCartney than Mo Salah.

He played classical guitar from being 5 years old and then bass guitar at 14, formed a band with some school friends, gained recognition throughout the land (Merseyside) by his long blond curly hair, and became a famous Sales Manager. Well, something like that – look out for gigs as well as great educational design services!

Mark was a clever little lad and trotted through grammar school and university, acquiring a passion and the skills for geography, psychology and more playing in bands. Somehow, a genuine love of sales leadership and education brought him to Blue Apple Education, via career moves that included supporting children to develop business skills to run their own school-based company.

Mark has lived in Bromborough, New Brighton, Lancaster, Morecambe, Northampton, Oldham and now sunny Milnrow (near Rochdale). His dreams now are mostly about the happiness of his daughter Emilie, but he also hopes to combine his enthusiasm for school marketing with his undying love of performance. He knows that neither are likely to be accompanied by long blond curly hair again – but he believes in magic!

Dean William Saunders.

Creative Director


Born and raised in Camden Town, London, which will always be home.

Dean’s love of design developed whilst playing computer games and taking things apart as a child. His mum was a big influence, helping him create things as soon as he could hold a crayon and a tune.

In secondary school he blossomed, exploring gaming, art and hip-hop music. Fame came early – so his mum maintains – as Dean performed in an urban choir in front of 100s of people. At school they had high hopes for his future career and tried not to look disappointed when his first job was making ice cream. Seizing the moment to follow pie and mash with something sweet, family and friends were well fed – and well proud.

A career in arty stuff quickly followed and over 10 years later Dean is passing his skills onto his own child – a son who will attend school in South Manchester and speak like Marcus Rashford (and David Limb) since the family moved there a few years ago. Fearing this, Dean called him Camden so that, as long as they are together, they’re always home.

Lucy Clarke.

Customer Wellbeing, Events and Marketing Manager


Born in Bedford, raised in Scotland Lucy developed a passion for the great outdoors. She loved spending weekends helping on the local farm or building forest dens with her brothers – she really did live in the middle of nowhere! Family holidays took her to the Scottish Highlands where she felt right at home. Aonach Eagach and Stac Pollaidh hold special memories.

Lucy has always valued her education. Growing up in a small, beautiful community meant Jedburgh Grammar School attracted great teachers who would be able to teach small class sizes. Glasgow University then beckoned. It was a natural choice – after all, it provided a great springboard to Munros and an opportunity to love her fuzzy, curly, 80s hair!

Lucy’s career took her on a journey from Mars confectionery to Twinings tea; her husband wasn’t too happy with the move – he preferred Snickers to an Earl Grey!

Family is at the heart of every decision she makes. Lucy is married with 2 gorgeous wee children and they now live in Weymouth by the sea, often being seen in or on the water swimming or playing in boats. Her passion for helping people was realised when she found herself working as a school admin manager, initially in an Independent and then more recently in a state primary school. The roles allowed her to reach out to families to offer social, emotional and financial support. Lucy values community, always seeking ways to “give back” whether volunteering at her local scout group or supporting young people at sailing cadets.

Blue Apple Education provides Lucy with a great opportunity to combine her experience in having worked within the education sector and helping people, with that of the business world – still allowing her the chance to take the odd sea dip and embrace her crazy curly hair from time to time!