• “We love our website, but we find keeping it looking fresh and up to date a challenge” We often hear this from schools, so to help we have compiled 1

  • Each school Open Day should be unique and memorable - here are 16 tips to help

  • Ever get that ‘throw-the-computer-out-of-the-window’ feeling? A link doesn’t take you where you expect or you find the website but not the page you wa

  • Long, long ago, there was a time when only three people had a computer, phones made phone calls (and little else), Facebook was faces in a book and In

  • Possibly you walk past the new cricket nets and smile at the memory of having wet sponges thrown at you that day last summer – when it rained anyway –

  • There are times when it’s good to settle down, specs on the end of your nose, and read an interesting article. That time is now. However, does

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