4 Ways Workshops Help Engage Teachers and School Staff

Teacher training workshops are now a large part of any educational role. Most schools have at least one teacher training workshop every new school term. We find that lots of teachers enjoy workshops specifically to spend some time with each other, but the value of workshops does not stop there. Here are five ways workshops help engage teachers and school staff.

Engaging Their Interest

Regardless of your career, when you do the same things day in and day out, it’s human nature to lose interest or not always work to the best of your ability. Teaching is famously said to be a profession of passion. Whether teachers are enthusiastic about working with children or sharing their favourite subjects, teaching is famously a labour of love. Teacher training workshops, when done right, can enthuse your staff all over again and enlighten them on the industry – which they typically would not have time to research themselves. We keep tabs on the education industry to provide your team with the latest information and statistics. We show them their positive impact and demonstrate how it can be taken further.

Providing Solutions to Problems That Can Disengage Them

Teachers run into their fair share of difficulties during their career. There is not always time to work out a solution and brainstorm with other teachers. When problems are not dealt with, teachers can easily become disengaged. If previous efforts to resolve the problem or get together to discuss it have failed, they may feel there is nothing left to do but curb the issue. Workshops provide a great opportunity for staff to raise issues, ask for help and receive it.

That’s why we don’t shy away from the negative in our workshops. For example, our school marketing workshops call out typical ways schools are turning people off and away and our social media workshops discuss, in detail, what to do with a negative response on social media so your staff are well-equipped for all circumstances.

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Creating School Community

Busy schedules can lead to fragmented and disengaged departments. A school works best when it is a happy community. Our school workshops attract many different schools to further their knowledge on school branding and marketing and provides a great opportunity for networking and creating community. Sometimes the best way to reinstall engagement is to remember why you are passionate about education – and we find bringing schools together to share their stories and teach them new methods has been a great way to do this!

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Furthering Their Learning

When was the last time your school sent a large proportion of staff to increase their knowledge and skills? Understandably, the teaching day does not leave a large amount of time to work with but furthering of learning is a great way to maintain the engagement of staff. We are seeing more schools increasingly turn to our workshops to refresh their team’s knowledge and improve their skills. Schools recognise that regular attendance to our workshops furthers their staff’s learning and give them the tools they need to progress.

School workshops are invaluable to most schools and provides the much-needed time to learn new knowledge, network with other schools and gain invaluable insight to propel your school’s success!

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