A Fabulous Offer from our Trusted Partners at Premier Advisory Group

The Kickstart Scheme offers great opportunities all round! It’s good for Premier Advisory Group, good for Blue Apple Education, good for schools exploring how to build their profile and increase the effectiveness of their marketing activities, and fantastically good for young people facing an uncertain employment future.

Premier Advisory Group (PAG) is one of only two education-specific DWP National Gateway providers. This has enabled it to take the scheme to the wider education sector, so far having supported more than 2000 referrals across hundreds of placements in the UK: an unquestionable success.

The UK government’s £2 billion Kickstart Scheme was launched in September 2020.  It offers funding to organisations across the UK so they can employ 16 – 24 year olds in receipt of Universal Credit. Young people on the scheme give and gain skills and experience, leaving them with much improved prospects of finding meaningful employment.

PAG’s role is to provide a straightforward process for employers, by overseeing all aspects of the administration. Organisations wanting to recruit Kickstarters are provided with job descriptions tailored to their specific need; these attract highly skilled candidates for positions they will hold for six months. A school or trust could very easily take on workers directly in a variety of roles – and PAG is happy to set that up and assist.

So far, the scheme has seen young people placed as, for example, Musician, Magician and Matron – ok, we got carried away with the alliteration, but it is the case that PAG has devised an initiative specifically for Blue Apple Education and the schools accessing its marketing support, so that young people can be nurtured in Marketing and Design roles.

succeeding spectacularly well to provide expertise,
oversight and a hearty welcome to young people
under the scheme.

Magnificent Brand Guardians

The Brand Guardian role within Blue Apple Education has been developed by PAG as a thrilling first step in professional marketing or design for the right young people. Combining a methodical approach and eye for detail with creative flair, a successful Brand Guardian will work under BAE’s wing with schools looking to develop effective branding and marketing strategy. The specialists at BAE are struggling to remember what it was like to be under 25, but succeeding spectacularly well to provide expertise, oversight and a hearty welcome to young people under the scheme.

Working closely with BAE, Brand Guardians will assist schools to:

  • Implement excellent visual branding – and keep things up to date
  • Review current marketing activities and BAE guidelines
  • Implement amendments and adaptations to design strategy

As educators, schools are natural hosts for young people wanting to apply their prowess in areas such as digital communications, social media, design and audience response. In a perfect circular motion, this scheme allows a school to use its strength to prepare eager minds for the real world; they in turn assist in building the school’s profile and carrying its message, so that further eager minds take advantage of the remarkable opportunities offered by the school.

United with the expertise of Blue Apple Education and Premier Advisor Group, that teaching power is enhanced and brings rewards for all involved. Alongside Kickstart support, all schools involved continue to receive BAE’s full trusted service from its greying expert staff.

If you are interested in learning more about the Kickstart Scheme, PAG is on hand to help and you can arrange a call by clicking here

To give your application the best chance of success, contact ASAP!

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