Boosting your school’s appeal

Boosting your school’s appeal

Independent Schools’ Bursars Association

Autumn, 2015

They call it ‘curb appeal’. You’re driving around an area with a view
to buying a house and you see one for sale, but you drive on by.

Around the corner, another house for sale catches your eye – this time, you stop and take the details and, perhaps, stroll up as near as you dare without looking like a burglar, trying to get a glimpse at the garden or the front room.

Something made you drive past the first house yet feel the pull of the second.

So it is with websites, prospectuses and other promotional materials. To boost your school’s appeal you need to give some attention to what draws people in, what makes them stop and peep over the fence. Naturally, your content and its relevance to a prospective parent or pupil is important but the look, feel and unspoken message of your material is what will attract people to look more closely.

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