Debunking Search Engine Optimisation Jargon

Want to get your school website ranking in Google, but confused by SEO jargon? You’re not alone. Google’s search algorithm covers hundreds of factors. Some of them relate to the text on your school website – like keywords. And some are technical, like the number of sites that link to yours. And all of them have specialist terms.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at two important technical points: page speed and mobile-friendly sites. And we’ll be explaining the terminology as we go along.

How to optimise website speed

Let’s start jargon-busting: your page speed is the time needed to load a single page in a browser. It’s easy to check with the free Google PageSpeed Insights tool. The tool will give you a traffic light score. Plus lots of recommendations on how you can improve the performance.

Your web developer will be aware of common page speed issues. For example, minimising redirects. Some types of web technology, like JavaScript, can slow your site down.

Image sizes are another common concern. FYI, if you’re working with us on your school photography, we can help you get this right from the start.

How to make your site mobile-friendly

In the UK, 60% of people say that their mobile is the most important device they use to access the internet. And Google prioritises mobile sites over desktop. In SEO jargon, this is called mobile-first indexing.

This means it’s important that your school website works on all kinds of different devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can test your pages using another free Google tool. It also offers a report on any issues found.

Responsive design is a technical term for layouts that adapt to different screen sizes. But there’s more to mobile-friendly sites than this. Think page speed (again). Avoid technologies like Flash that may not be available on smartphones. And test the navigation and buttons to make sure they’re good for fat fingers, too.

SEO jargon can get overwhelming. Just like getting the most out of your school website. There is a lot you can achieve on your own. But if you need any help, please get in touch.

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