How to take the headache out of editing your school website

The school website needs updating. Does your heart sink when you hear this phrase? If you’re not familiar with web technologies, even simple changes can feel daunting. And getting your head round the mechanics of making updates is frustrating when there’s so much else to do.

The Blue Apple Education team has developed a solution: a custom WordPress theme for schools.


Choosing a CMS

Simply put, a CMS separates the website’s code from its contents. This means you don’t need specialist skills to edit your site. Templates protect the integrity of the design and ensure that you maintain a consistent look and feel. They also take the complexity of placing new text, even in forms.

At Blue Apple Education, we work with WordPress. It’s the world’s most popular CMS. In fact, 65.2% of global websites use it. This means that you have a well-supported and stable foundation. And it’s easy to find external help, such as a web developer, if you need to.


Digging deeper

We’ve developed a WordPress theme for schools. A theme is a collection of templates and stylesheets (font and layout settings). We’ve designed our theme so that adding content or updating existing information is child’s play. And it has a wide choice of elements that school websites need, including galleries, text or image carousels, interactive calendars and more.

This doesn’t mean you’ll get a look-alike site though. Our design approach aims to unearth the remarkable story of your school. And to communicate it in a way that captures the hearts of prospective parents and staff alike.


Website updates on fast-forward

At Blue Apple Education, we create websites that are unique – and intuitive to update. In seconds, rather than minutes or hours. This means any member of staff can edit the contents, if they have a log-in and the right permissions. 


We understand that editing a website for the first time can still be scary. Our tried-and-tested training sessions give staff competence and confidence. If you’d like some expert support or to find out more about our WordPress theme for schools, please get in touch.

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