Why you should use quick links to navigate to important content on your school website

Your school website has to work hard. It has to attract prospective parents and help parents of current pupils. It has to host your teaching vacancies and store policies and procedures. People are busy, so it also has to do all this quickly and efficiently. This is where quick links come in.

What are quick links? There isn’t one definition. They can be a small menu of links (horizontal or vertical). They can be a sidebar or a ‘you may also like’ section. No matter what format you choose, they should point site visitors in the right direction. And help them find the specific information they need.

Here are a few ideas on how to use them:

For prospective parents

Choosing a school for your child is a big decision. Prospective parents may visit your site several times during their decision-making process. For example, an initial look to find out who you are. A second look to explore what you do. And a final visit to sign up for an open day or enrolment.

Quick links help avoid frustration and lead parents straight to the relevant section. This should make a noticeable difference to your final numbers.

For parents of current pupils

COVID-19 updates, uniform and term dates, home learning links… If crucial information is available online, your team will need to answer fewer questions in person. This can add up to a big time saving for your school. Grouping similar topics together can make them faster to find. Quick links of useful learning resources are also a popular choice.

Quick links can highlight the most important pages on your site, making them quick to find. But structure is important. If your quick links become a ‘miscellaneous’ section, they’ll quickly lose their usefulness. Keep your focus on what will be most helpful for your specific target audiences. This will ensure the effectiveness of your site. 

At Blue Apple Education, we always start with a detailed plan. We seek to understand your school. And then we create a site structure that fits what your prospective parents need. If you’d like specialist help with how to plan a website for your school, please get in touch.

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