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From Darlington

Brought to you by Clive Owen

OK, not Oscar-nominated, charismatic Clive Owen, star of stage and screen, but Clive Owen Accountancy. Sorry.

If, for you, finances are the fun side of being a multi-academy trust (anyone?) then this event is for you. If you are a normal person, then it is definitely for you.

It can be difficult to keep up with the changes in the education sector, let alone get ahead, so we’ve gathered a crack team of experts to guide, support and open up opportunities for you.

The average number of schools in each academy trust is increasing – 60% still have 5 schools or fewer but almost a quarter of trusts have 6 – 10 schools. Wherever you are – big or small, established or new, informed or hiding in the store cupboard – we know our live and video streamed event on 28th June will offer an unmissable chance to share and learn, encourage and grow.

From Clive Owen Accountants we welcome Blue Apple Education’s old friend, MAT finances expert Chris Beaumont – a man capable of making the complexities of MAT accounting both manageable and slightly interesting. Chris is co-author of the immensely useful Academies Trust Handbook, produced to support new, emerging and established Academies – 44% of all schools in England.

Meanwhile, Kevin Robertson, education sector expert at the improbably named Womble Bond Dickinson law company, lightens and enlightens, making comprehensible a host of topics including the legal responsibilities of new and developing Academy Trusts.

Blue Apple Education’s Mark Davis will be talking specifically about MAT marketing in the light of the White Paper, and addressing the needs of MATs for a marketing and communications strategy. Although with rockstar good looks, Mark seems like a man of the past, he will be addressing the needs of the future when the White paper tells us it is likely that there will be more inspections and evaluations and all schools should be part of a MAT (by 2030). Mark will share how MATs will be able to make the most of what they offer in promotions and appeals.

There is little you could be doing that would benefit you more than grabbing your mac or your Mac and heading to Darlington for this event designed specifically for you. There are no Hollywood megastars there but did we mention Blue Apple Education’s own Mark Davis is also presenting? That’s decided then.


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