The secret to Unearthing the Remarkable in your school


Academic excellence. Supportive and nurturing. Tight-knit community. How many school websites do you think use words and phrases like this? Even if they’re true, they won’t help parents to remember you. At Blue Apple Education, we specialise in unearthing what’s remarkable about your school. And creating an effective school brand that helps you to stand out.

Here are a few top tips to start with:


Opposite day

Your students may still play this game and it’s useful for school branding too. Make a list of words and phrases that you use to describe your school. Would it be feasible for any educator to claim the opposite?

For example, the opposite of ‘nurture’ is ‘neglect’. No school would claim to be neglectful – nurturing each child is a vital part of education. So even though the concept is important, it means that ‘nurture’ is unlikely to be a useful differentiator.

To find your remarkable story, dig deeper to find the concepts that are true to your school in particular. Think about your values and ethos, history and traditions, community and location. If you need help, our expert communicators can facilitate relevant discussions and workshops.


Creative thinking

Defining your essence and purpose as a school is hard work. Why not experiment with some creative approaches? For example, if your school was a planet, what would it be like? What about a mythical creature? If your school was a singer, who would you sound like?

Lots of heads are better than a few. Try the exercises with your students, maybe as creative writing tasks. Ask for feedback from parents. Chat with your staff. Not only could you gain some great insights, but you might also uncover concerns that your school brand needs to address. 


Humans think in stories. The famous Heider study showed that we see narratives even where there aren’t any. Tell the remarkable and compelling tale of your school to build empathy and emotional connections. And for expert help, please get in touch. We can‘t wait to hear your story.

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