See how easily you can improve your school website with better photography

The earliest cave art is 44,000 years old. The oldest writing systems date back 5,000 years. No wonder that humans are hard-wired for visuals. In fact, there’s evidence that people can process images 60,000 times faster than text. Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your website? Great school marketing photography gives you a distinct advantage.


Show, don’t tell

A picture tells a thousand words, they say. So why spell out how wonderful your school is when you can show prospective parents instead. A skilled photographer can craft a story out of a single image – and create that crucial emotional connection with your site visitor. 

Did you know that people are 55% more likely to remember information, when it’s paired with a relevant image? It’s no surprise that visual storytelling is a focus for most marketers.


Increased visibility

Google has also introduced new search results formats that favour images. Here’s an example for ‘grammar schools in Kent’. Which image best represents your school? Parents will see this before anything else on your site.

Planning your shoot

Great photos may look like they’re the work of an instant. But creating a visual brand requires consistency – and planning. At Blue Apple Education, we specialise in unearthing what’s remarkable about your school. And helping you to capture it in striking photos of your students, staff and learning environment.

The benefits of high-quality photography go beyond your website. It creates a consistent look across all of your online, offline and social touchpoints. This builds trust, because an unexpected change in tone is the branding equivalent of a mood swing. 


Our experienced team can help you to organise the shoot, ensure you get the best results and minimise disruption to learning. If you’d like to talk about school marketing photography, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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