See how easily you can delegate content creation

How many people in your school have written for publication? Probably not very many. And that’s why content creation can seem so daunting. The secret is to spread the load. With a bit of clever organisation, you’ll find you’ll have more content than you could have imagined.

Step 1: Find your creators

Current and former students are an obvious choice. They’ll be easy for new students to relate to. And the experience of choosing a school will be fresh in their minds. It’s a great way of showing how much talent exists at your school – and a lovely chance to give an aspiring writer. (Or illustrator, designer and so on.)

Your admissions team will know all about questions from prospective parents. After all, they spend a lot of time answering them. They might also have some useful tips on how to apply for secondary school, college or uni.

Your school departments may love to contribute, too. It’s a great way to publicise upcoming events, from the school play to sports day. And to recognise some of the great work that students are producing.

External contributors are also an option, from paid writers to guest bloggers with specialist backgrounds.

Step 2: Provide structure

Delegating means investing some time upfront. But it quickly pays off. Make sure you have a clear structure for planning and sign-offs. And a content calendar to make sure updates happen at regular intervals. An easy-to-use content management system can prevent bottlenecks due to a lack of technical skills.

This structure will also make it easier to repurpose web content for social media or even podcasts. (If you have some enthusiastic contributors.)

Staying on top of school website updates may seem like a chore. But with a bit of organisation, delegating content creation couldn’t be easier. At Blue Apple Education, we’re old hands at managing web content updates. If you’d like some more advice or a bit of help, please get in touch.

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