How to create a school video that leaves a lasting impression.

Choosing a school for your child is a big decision. Parents often do a lot of research – and they start online. Promotional videos for schools give families a feel for what it might be like to attend. Creating the right impression is a key part of driving enrolment. Read on to find out what video can do for your school – and how to get the production right.

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Four key ways to use a school film to win parents over.

Telling is better than selling. Even the most successful schools want to encourage applications. Parents understand that schools want to put their best foot forward, but an overly ‘sales-y’ approach can be offputting and counter-productive. Effective school marketing videos pinpoint what’s special about your school and leave the choice to the viewer.

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How a school film can replace open days and tours

Social distancing, hand sanitisers, year-group bubbles. Where does the 2020 pandemic leave open days and tours? Government guidance recommends that schools consider alternatives to face-to-face open events. For many schools, that means getting creative with school virtual tours.

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