How a school film can replace open days and tours

Social distancing, hand sanitisers, year-group bubbles. Where does the 2020 pandemic leave open days and tours? Government guidance recommends that schools consider alternatives to face-to-face open events. For many schools, that means getting creative with school virtual tours.

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5 Tips To Help Make Your School Film Pop

If you’re making a school film this year, you’re not alone. Call them school promo videos or school virtual tours. This year, demand for footage is going through the roof. A high-quality school film means you’re covered if in-person open days are cancelled. With...

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Website design quick wins

    Looking to make some quick wins with your school website design? We understand that there isn’t always the time or budget for making a splash. There are lots of website design tips that are effective and quick to implement - for big results without a...

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