Schools, Start your Engines...

Schools… Start your Engines.
The new school year is about to begin.

“BackToSchool” is a huge event for everyone. It sees the return of many pupils as well as the fresh faces of new ones. It can be a daunting time for the pupils, parents and even staff. However, there are some simple but highly effective communications that can be sent out which will help to inform and advise before the big day.

Here are our top 2 tips to help produce more effective communications with those returning to school.

1. Informative newsletters for staff, parents and the wider school community

2. Social media content planned and prepared

1. Informative newsletters for staff, parents and the wider school community

By not producing a regular, well designed school newsletter, you may be missing an opportunity to engage with your key stakeholders and the wider school community. So, where do you start and how do you create a newsletter people actually want to read?

  • Grab their attention!

Readers skim-read articles for information, before settling down to read more. Be sure to make your headline stand out. Creating excitement, curiosity, or an emotional response makes readers want to read more.

  • Images speak a thousand words!

Use a hero image. Professionally taken photographs mixed with your own images will grab the reader’s attention and draw them into your news. Ensure good quality images are used. Blurry images are much less appealing than a high resolution, professional quality image.

  • Keep it simple!

Keep the article simple. Use simple language and short sentences and paragraphs. Your article should be between 100-200 words, depending on the topic. Add interest by using colour and consider adding a gallery of related images to each article. It will also mean you have less to write.

“Publish and reuse. As each story takes place you can publish it on your school website and share it via social media, as well as seeking media coverage. You can then collect the stories for using in the school Yearbook.”


2. Social Media Posts

Social media is likely to be the first port of call for many parents to hear news and find information about your school. Post helpful, valuable and relevant content in which parents and staff will be interested. This can be anything that you feel will be of value:

– Term start times

– Transport information

– Where to buy school books, supplies and uniforms

– Important events related to the start of term time (e.g. assemblies that new parents can attend during the first week)

– After-school clubs times and fees.

Girl smiling while holding a book.

A great way to connect with parents and staff is for senior members of your school, including the head, to introduce themselves and welcome everyone to the start of term. This can be a short post wishing everyone good luck on their first day of term or a comforting, positive and uplifting message to parents about an exciting year ahead.

“Remember, this is about building a community and strong relationships. Content from the school ‘leaders’ will go a long way to develop this.”

The new school year can be a little daunting for everyone, but planning a simple and effective communications strategy can make this momentous occasion feel like the summer holidays are not quite yet over.


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