Three Ways to Increase Your School’s Social Media Engagement

You’re an expert in your school and we’re experts in online presence so we should be a perfect match to increase your visibility and reach your parents and students! Followers are fantastic, but engagement is key! If you want followers, clicks, likes, comments and shares, here are three ways you can increase your school’s social media engagement.

Giveaways And Competition Campaigns

    Advertising is vital for social media success – we’re sure you knew that already! Open days and prospective student days are very important to put budget behind and usually achieves a good turnout. When your social media goal is engagement, however, you need to take a different approach. Giveaways and competitions are a fantastic place to start if you’re looking for an instant boost.

    Everybody loves a freebie – it is a social media fact! Give parents or students the opportunity to win something. This prize can either fronted by yourselves or in collaboration with local businesses who might also be looking for effective partnerships on social media. These campaigns are mutually beneficial if you encourage any of the following terms for competition entry: follow both pages, like the post or share the post. Blue Apple Education can make creating giveaways, contests and competitions easy as they specialise in school marketing services.

Fun And Interactive Educational Content

    If you’re targeting teachers or those working within the education industry, fun and interactive educational content is a great trigger point for engagement. This can include memes, infographics, videos, animations and more. Just be sure to keep them professional as this type of content can often times become a topic for contention among viewers. If you’d like to really up your social media game, go ahead and take your funniest and most relatable teaching moments and add your branding to some fun quote designs. To ensure your viral marketing content is fun and professional, hire a Cheshire digital marketing firm to create educational content for your school.

Food For Thought

    When you’re trying to elicit engagement, you’re chasing a reaction, so you need to post content that relates to and resonates with your target market. Reach members of your school with news, updates and polls. Reach a wider audience when you look beyond your school and share news and debates surrounding education, schools, learning and lessons ideas. These are sure to trigger a response but improve the probability by asking a question that requires more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Questions such as ‘why do you think this won’t work?’ or ‘When was the last time you…’ work well. It’s also known that parents love to boast! Every so often, post content that gives parents the platform to boast about their children’s achievements.

    For social media that really clicks with your audience, consider the audience, relate to them, provide something of value and provide content that resonates.

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