Top Tips For Using Social Media For Your School

The reports are true! Everybody is online and on social media.

You might think, especially if you’re teaching your students to be more present and spend less time on their phones, that your school does not need social media. However, just as you need a website to increase your school’s value proposition, you also need to have an active social media presence in order to master SEO, increase your website views, reach potential students and their parents, and update the current parents at your school! This involves hiring a Cheshire digital marketing firm that specialises in creating social media marketing campaigns for many of the UK’s top schools.

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Blue Apple Education Can Help Schools Achieve Their Missions

    Blue Apple Education offers a wide range of professional marketing services designed to help today’s schools increase their social media presence, improve parent and student engagement and create a brand which can be used to help schools grow and become more effective and more successful in their missions.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some tips for using social media for your school:

Reinforce Branding And School Values

    What does your school value? Social media is a great tool to increase your visibility and reach but it is important to be personal, yet professional. Remember, schools are still businesses and parents like to see professionalism when dealing with the school as it can increase the school’s value proposition. When creating your social media pages and profiles, make sure you are highlighting your school’s values. Showcase your wonderful team of staff and continue your school’s message online. Blue Apple Education can create a powerful logo or brand that will help your school stand out from the crowd.

Keep Parents And Students Updated

    Head teachers and teachers are not just managing their students, they also have to ensure that parents are well informed too. With the right set up, having social media pages will be a great way to make sure your contact information is everywhere it can be! The school calendar is often packed with events and it helps to remind people of upcoming dates in the diary. Set up social media profiles, promote your handles on your school stationery and reach parents with information quicker. Social media is also a great way to raise awareness and increase participation in fundraising events and pin urgent information such as snow day closures to the top of your feeds. Remember to set aside an advertising budget for open day events to increase attendance.

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Be Ready With Answers

    Parents used to have to call in to the school to get immediate information from the school, but social media connects you quicker. Take time to sit with your school secretaries and ask them for a list of frequently asked questions. Share the workload by sending parents and students to your social media pages to get quick answers to quick questions.

Asking For Opinions

    Social media is all about getting connected and bringing people together so make sure your social media profiles use this to your advantage! Popular social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, allow you to make quick and effective polls so that you can get information, opinions and preferences on a number of issues. Blue Apple Education can create custom tailored opinion polls for your social media pages that can provide valuable data you can use to meet the needs of parents and students much more effectively.

Answering The Age Old ‘What Did You Learn At School Today?’ Question

    Parents know this scene all too well. Some children are too young to explain to their parents what they got up to at school and others are too cool for school to share their day with their parents! Most schools these days allow heads of department access to their social media profiles so that they can share the fun of the class room with parents. Show off science experiments in video form, highlight great achievements and share homework information to help parents take an active involvement in their children’s school.

    Social media can solve common problems, develop your relationship with parents and showcase your school’s USP’s. What are you waiting for? Contact Blue Apple Education today!

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    To learn more about branding, web design, prospectuses, photo albums, brochures and more for your school, contact Blue Apple Education.

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