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Looking to make some quick wins with your school website design? We understand that there isn’t always the time or budget for making a splash. There are lots of website design tips that are effective and quick to implement – for big results without a massive investment. Here are our favourite quick wins:


1. Calls to action

Each page on your site should have a clear focus and a call to action. This is both good design and marketing best practice. The call to action depends on what you would like readers to do. Here’s how to write one:

Length isn’t everything

A call to action can be long or short. A full sentence or a snappy button. Consider the context and how much space you have available. If it has to fit on a button, avoid long words (like ‘information’).

Go for verbs

Many calls to action use active verbs and the imperative. For example, explore, learn, apply, sign up, join, discover. The clearer your invitation, the more likely visitors are to follow it.


2. Check your speed

Nothing is more off-putting than a website that’s slow to load. A regular audit of your technical performance can help you to spot any issues fast. And then follow up with your web developer. There are plenty of free tools available to help, like the Google PageSpeed Insights tool.


3. Testing, testing

Launching a school website is hard work. Once it’s live, it’s tempting to forget about it for a while. But if you’ve signed up to Google Analytics, you’ll have access to a treasure trove of data. It’s worth checking it regularly, because it can tell you how long visitors are spending on each page. For example, is it long enough to read the content?

The conversion rate tells you how often they’re following your calls to action. This tells you a lot about the effectiveness of your school website design. And helps you to prioritise actions and find quick wins.


Are you looking to improve your school website design? At Blue Apple Education, we’re school communication and design experts. We’re always happy to share website design tips and more. Please get in touch.


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