Knowledge Base.

Welcome to our Knowledge Base.

In our Blue Apple Education Knowledge Base, you’ll find our Out of the Blue video podcasts where we talk all things school marketing and branding, and throw in a host of additional expertise provided by leading industry experts. Every Friday afternoon Founder and Managing Director David Limb and Sales Director Mark Davis share gems from their years in school marketing and design. They cover topics such as how to avoid common mistakes with a new school website, how to tap into additional revenue with carefully planned funding activities, and how to grow your school or multi‑academy trust. They also share some alarmingly bad jokes and pictures – power on through!

When you add up the experience of Blue Apple Education’s team it comes to 93 and a half years on the job. That’s a lot of knowledge and practice, most of which (there have been moments!) we want to share with you – if you are a CEO of a Multi-Academy Trust, or an Executive Headteacher, School Marketing Manager, School Business Manager, or someone like that. (If you’re not then welcome to our world!)

With our Knowledge Base videos, you’ll uncover not only our expert insights but also hear from your education sector peers who share challenges and triumphs in developing a trust, school or college brand identity that works.

Contact us with your suggestions – your issues, queries, ideas – and we’ll do our best to cover them in future. If you want to know more about how we can work with you directly to unearth the remarkable in what you do, and make sure the world hears about it, do have a look at our Services to find out what we do when not showing off in videos. We look forward to working with you to help your school get ahead, communicate consistently, and resonate with parents, pupils and communities.

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