6 reasons your Trust should have one website system.

  • Having a single system across your Trust can lead to financial savings.
  • A single system makes it easier to train staff.
  • Staff can move between schools within the group without having to retrain.
  • Dissemination of information is made easier with a single system.
  • It provides the ability to develop a Trust wide admissions process.
  • You can make significant savings in design and support costs.


Out of the Blue is a weekly Video Podcast hosted by David Limb and Mark Davis from Blue Apple Education and is for CEOs of Multi-Academy Trusts, executive headteachers, headteachers, school marketing or admissions managers, school business managers, teachers or anyone with an interest in marketing a school.

Premiered every Friday at 4pm (GMT) the idea of the show is to provide schools and trusts with expertise in a wide variety of fields that may not necessarily be available within traditional education environments.

Blue Apple Education is inviting guest speakers onto the weekly show to provide an even broader range of knowledge, experience and expertise to the education sector. By sharing this expertise we are providing schools with more tools to tackle many of today’s issues facing the education sector, and, more importantly, supporting our future generations.