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School logo design, branding, prospectus design, website design, videos and virtual tours, photography and marketing – that’s what we do. Experience, knowledge and understanding of people – that’s what you have. By combining our skills with yours we work together, firstly to comprehend, secondly to produce exactly what you need to engage pupils, parents, teachers and communities. We build on what works best for you.

What do you need to grab attention and retain support, to build your reputation, to get results and be the best? Let us at Blue Apple Education do our best. With over 20 years in the education sector, we know about memorable school logos, effective educational branding, beautiful college websites… You want your students to succeed; we do, too. At Blue Apple Education we know that their success comes from your success and in working with you we promise to unearth the remarkable in your school, academy or trust. We’ll then work in partnership to make sure the remarkable is visible in your logo and branding, in your school prospectus, brochure or yearbook, in your website, promotional video and virtual tour, in every opportunity to demonstrate what makes your school unique.

We want to know what’s remarkable about your school – and then we want to tell the world.

Powerful School Logo & Brand Design

Timeless, original, ambitious – the strength of your brand identity will ensure your school stands head and shoulders above the crowd, gets noticed and wins hearts and minds. Using our vast experience, meticulous research and consultation, our team uses considerable expertise to set you apart and produce dynamic change.

Inspiring prospectuses

Affordable, attractive, effective – whatever the size or type of school, your prospectus will make a real difference to children’s and families’ futures – because you are part of building it.

Exceptional websites

Smart, informative, versatile – our experts will spend time learning from you before sensitively crafting a school website that serves as an information hub, is easy to update, and shows off your remarkable school.

Captivating videos

Expressive, beautiful, engaging – our experienced team will work with you to create a stunning video that provides a glimpse of what makes your school great.

Extraordinary photography

Inspiring, motivating, stunning – great school photography is the key to enthralling students and parents. Our experts invest in getting to know your school so they can capture its spirit in world-class photography.

Expert marketing

Visible, commanding, strong – create an impression by telling your school’s story consistently across all channels; reach and reassure students, staff, and communities by implementing a practical plan, shaped by our experts and yours.

Our clients reckon we’re pretty remarkable too!

"I enjoyed the whole process and loved the way the design team interpreted our school!"

Liz Nightingale,
Headteacher at Green Park School, Maghull, UK

The Blue Apple Education team are very helpful. Extremely impressed with them. They've helped us extensively with our marketing and websites at the Laude Group of Schools.

Angela Dudley-Warde, Head of Admissions and Marketing Europe
Laude Group of Schools, Spain

The nursery brochure Blue Apple Education created for Cambridge International School was brilliant! I'm thoroughly delighted with the design and the quality of the finished product!

Tory Robeson, Head of Marketing & Admissions
Cambridge International School, Cambridge, UK

I really like all of your team! I thought they were excellent and very engaging!

Claire Constantopoulos,
Headteacher at William Barcroft Junior School, Cleethorpes, UK

Unearth the ‘Remarkable’ in your school.


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