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We are, first and foremost, storytellers. We ensure YOUR school’s story is told in a way that will reach the hearts and minds of your community.


School Marketing Service:

If your school has an issue with engaging parents, or recruiting and retaining students or staff, there will be a reason. It will either come down to how you’re describing your school to your community (how you’re telling your school’s story), or it will be the experience (the journey) you’re offering to these audiences.


Telling your school’s story:

We create impact for schools with their marketing, The first step in doing this is by distilling the essence of a school and translating this into your school’s unique ‘story’. We ensure that your story is then told consistently and repeatedly across all that you do.

Journey mapping:

We will examine every single touch point across the experience you’re offering to your audience (offline and online channels). We will identify the gaps, and then create recommendations for a strategy that will tackle these issues rigorously and effectively.

The messaging workshop led by Emily was excellent, very well planned and the practical elements really kept the team engaged throughout. It generated excitement and encouraged better communication through team work.


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