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Are you looking to transform your school’s marketing strategy and boost admissions and staff recruitment?
Look no further than Mark Davis, a distinguished school branding and marketing expert, ready to guide you through an enlightening and engaging workshop experience. Dive into the world of effective school marketing with Mark and discover how to elevate your institution’s presence and impact.

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and Expertise.

With an impressive track record of assisting numerous schools, school groups, and academy trusts, Mark Davis is the go-to professional for unlocking the potential of school branding and marketing. Mark’s extensive experience has empowered educational institutions to develop compelling brands and marketing strategies, yielding remarkable results.

MATA Advisory
Board Member.

Mark Davis is not just any marketing expert; he’s a respected member of the Multi Academy Trust Association (MATA) advisory board, serving as their Marketing & Communications expert. His involvement with MATA demonstrates his deep understanding of the educational landscape and his commitment to driving positive change in school marketing and communications.

Podcast Host and
Workshop Leader.

Mark has hosted over 40 episodes of the highly regarded school marketing video podcast, “Out of the Blue.” His podcast has been a valuable resource for educators seeking insights into effective marketing strategies. Mark’s engaging and informative approach makes him a sought-after workshop leader, and his workshops have been instrumental in transforming school marketing efforts.

Elevate Your School Marketing Efforts.

Free School Branding
and Marketing Workshop.

Mark Davis invites you to take advantage of a FREE School Branding and Marketing Workshop. This engaging and insightful 3-hour session is designed specifically for school leaders in your Trust. It’s an opportunity for school leaders to discover the secrets of successful school marketing, admissions, and staff recruitment.

During the workshop, attendees will explore a wide range of topics, including:

  1. Common Mistakes in School Marketing
    Learn to recognize and avoid the historical pitfalls of ineffective school marketing. Mark Davis will shed light on the reasons why past efforts have fallen short and how to rectify them.
  2. Applying Commercial Wisdom to School Branding
    Discover the valuable lessons that can be drawn from the commercial world to develop a powerful and effective school brand.
  3. Measuring Marketing ROI
    Uncover the key to achieving real, measurable results with your school’s marketing efforts. Learn how to justify your investments and make data-driven decisions.
  4. The Importance of an Admissions Process
    Understand why all schools, even those with admissions handled by the Local Authority, need to develop an admissions process.

Transformative Benefits
for Attendees.

Participants in Mark Davis’s workshop will gain:

  • Reflection Time: Identify what makes your school unique and how to integrate it into your brand and communications.
  • Skill Enhancement: Acquire the skills to evaluate your school’s current branding and marketing efforts and identify areas for improvement.
  • Supplier Engagement: Learn how to challenge suppliers to create tailored marketing materials that meet your specific requirements and drive results.
  • Effective Marketing Strategies: Develop the knowledge needed to attract prospective parents and staff while maximising your return on investment.
  • Message Clarity: Hone your ability to distil key messages for greater impact and better communication, making your school’s marketing more accessible and effective.

Hear from Satisfied Attendees.

Don’t just take our word for it; hear what attendees have to say about Mark Davis’s workshops:

“The Session had made me realise how we are missing simple things that can make a difference

Kath Williams
School Business Manager
Berrycoombe Primary School

“Thank you so much, it has been very helpful and thought provoking

Nadine Andrews
School Business Manager
St George’s CofE Primary School

“Really useful, thanks so much, great things to consider

Amanda Deery
Assistant Headteacher
Perivale Primary School

“Thank you, very useful and a lot to think about

Lyndsey Vale
School Business Manager
Oldbrook First School

“Thank you, very useful session

Melanie Hornshaw
School Business Manager
Southwood School

Really good insight. It is good to see why some things worked and some didn’t”

Martin Lopez
Director of Communications, Media & Marketing
Invictus Education Trust

Workshops delivered at many
leading Trusts including

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Now is the perfect time to unlock the potential of your school’s branding and marketing. Don’t miss the opportunity to arrange a FREE workshop for school leaders in your Trust. Mark Davis is ready to share his wealth of knowledge and experience to help you make a positive impact on your school’s admissions and staff recruitment.


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Elevate your school’s brand, boost admissions, and transform your marketing efforts with Mark Davis. Join us on this exciting journey to make a real difference in your school’s success.