Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Bishop David Sheppard CE Primary School.

We designed a new logo and brand identity for Bishop David Sheppard C of E Primary School. This needed to breathe a new lease of life into their visual identity, providing a more modern feel to the brand.

The Window of Success.

Bishop David Sheppard Primary is named after Bishop David Sheppard and as a church school, their Gospel values underpin everything they do.

For this reason, their existing logo encompasses everything that they are and what they provide, but it had become outdated and required a new lease of life.

As we were to provide a modernised version we started looking at current design trends that could relate and tie into the brand of Bishop David Sheppard.



Stain Glass Windows

To provide a new lease of life we actually had to go back in time. Churches, particularly older ones, are well-known for their stunning stained glass windows. In fact, church windows first featured stained glass back in the fourth century. Many people flock to churches around the world to marvel at their beauty.

When churches were initially built, not many people could read and the church was seen as a learning hub. The stained glass windows depicted elaborate Bible scenes, which allowed the church to communicate Bible stories and Christian beliefs to people.

With this information, we chose to take inspiration from the stained glass windows, as Bishop David Sheppard Primary is the learning hub of their community that provides a window of opportunity and success through Jesus.

With a modernised delivery of this great art form, which has resurfaced in current design trends, we achieved what we set out to do.

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Feedback from Bishop David Sheppard CE Primary School.

Thanks Dean! I love the colours. I can’t wait to share them with staff and governors. They are fab, thank you.

Siobhan Bayliff
Bishop David Sheppard CE Primary School

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