Powerful Logo &
School Branding
for Excalibur
Academies Trust

We redesigned the new brand identity for Excalibur Academies Trust which… is true reflection of the ‘Remarkable’ we unearthed during our Discovery Call and has a bold and modern feel.

A Field of Dreams.

The previous Excalibur Academies Trust logo no longer represented who they were and with a lack of strapline and messaging across their store front (website and marketing materials), it didn’t provide clarity around what they do or achieves for the Academies and various levels of staff.


The Core Aspects of Excalibur


Excalibur Academies Trust pride itself on being a family of schools that collaborate with senior/centre level roles that share the same vision and values in achieving excellence. Excalibur has a real sense of community, and having personal relationships with other schools within the Trust provides figureheads with a constant flow of support and knowledge to aid them in their decisions. They’re truly a community of schools and leaders.



Another key factor that makes Excalibur remarkable is enabling schools to maintain their strong personalities and individuality that parents value and buy into despite being part of larger MAT’s community. By allowing their schools the freedom to be themselves, unique and full of character the local community would continue to support and stand behind each school. Allowing them to flourish within their environment.



By being part of a larger organisation each school is supported providing greater outcomes for the children. By taking this collaborative approach the schools can share best practise providing a greater platform to improve the learning outcome by planting the seeds of inspiration, inquisitiveness and passion to grow in children.

Dandelion of Growth

Looking to nature to provide inspiration and iconic symbols of uniqueness and community we loved the imagery of the flower.

Flowers are really and truly the perfect example of growth, and each flower that blooms has a multitude of meaningful aspects behind it.

For example, all children love the dandelion. From its beautiful buttery flower that opens each morning and closes each nightfall, to its puff ball of seeds that scatter their seeds with the gentlest of encouragement.

Every part of the dandelion is useful, flower, roots and leaves providing colouring in dye, to food and medicines.

We likened these aspects of the flower to the support provided by Excalibur, every element being useful and helping the children to grow, flourish and leave at the right time whilst never knowing where their journey will carry them.

Even flowers themselves are in fact not individual blooms but hundreds of tiny flowers creating a community for wildlife to thrive in.

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Feedback from Excalibur Academies Trust

“I enjoyed the whole process & loved the way the design team interpreted our school!”

Liz Nightingale,
Headteacher at Green Park School, Maghull, UK


Unearth the ‘Remarkable’ in your school.