Powerful Logo & School Branding for Gateway School.

We redesigned the new brand identity for Gateway School which… retained the elements from their previous logo whilst modernising the heraldic lions. We also provided meaningful rationale behind the brand identity to deliver their unique brand story.

The Lion of Gateway.

We researched a little deeper into Gateway School and their ASPIRE values as we needed to establish a solid rationale and develop a brand story as the history of the previous logo and the meaning behind it were unknown.

However, it was important to maintain elements from the previous logo due to its significance to parents, staff teams and pupils.

What we aimed to achieve was a modernised version of the previous logo and build a brand around it that has its own unique brand story. This new brand will be consistent across an array of marketing assets and be used by members of staff across the school.


ASPIRE Values – Lion

During our Discovery Call it was very evident that what truly made Gateway School Remarkable was in fact the tailored experience they provide to each and every child that attends their school, and the ASPIRE values that uphold those experiences to provide an opportunity for children to realise their potential and give them time to find their talents.

The ASPIRE values actually describe key traits and symbolism of the King of the Jungle… the Lion. As we’re to retain the lion element within the existing logo this really does provide a great rationale and brand story behind the brand mark we create, that the ASPIRE values of ‘Achieve, Strive, Participate, Investigate, Respect and Fun’ enable each child to become a Gateway Lion and take charge of every opportunity that life gives.


The suggested colour palette has taken inspiration from their new school uniform. Thenbsp;combination of burgundy and gold provides the familiarity of the current Gateway brand but also the academic success they have with delivering tailored educational experiences to every child at attends Gateway School.

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Feedback from Bishop David Sheppard Primary!

“I enjoyed the whole process & loved the way the design team interpreted our school!”

Liz Nightingale,
Headteacher at Green Park School, Maghull, UK


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