Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Capital School.

We designed the new brand identity for Capital School which… reflects their prestigious and traditional qualities to ensure the nurturing and family feel is present along with the British curriculum that is delivered.


The Shield of Capital School.


Our mission is to create a brand for Capital School that reflects its prestigious and traditional aspects whilst emphasising the nurturing and family feel as well as the British curriculum that is delivered to each and every child.

The previous Capital School logo was an amalgamation of other schools’ brands and parents were confused by Capital School and Capital College as they share similar brands in terms of the usage of a bird and the word Capital in their name.

The brand we create should be traditional to a degree to establish the Capital tradition and quality of education; but modern, with no gimmicks or mascots to showcase the forward-thinking and unique environment.

The brand should align and reflect the new strapline/intent of ‘Nurturing Potential, Inspiring Excellence’. The overall style of the brand should be simple, bold and the brand colour palette should align with the school uniform.


Capital School’s Remarkable.

An Amazing Experience.
Capital School creates a unique and engaging experience for all children regardless of their educational level.


Capital Family.
Nurturing nature and shared values are all upheld by an inclusive family of individuals who all naturally look after one another and strive to ensure children are engaged, smiling, excited about learning and deliver opportunities for all.

Nurturing Potential, Inspiring Excellence.
The nurturing nature of Capital School and the unique and engaging experiences you provide align with your new strapline/intent of ‘Nurturing Potential, Inspiring Excellence’.

Ultimately, Capital School is an amazing institution that is inspired by Great Britain and its curriculum, but along with this, your school is truly international and inclusive in its nature as it’s accepting of all cultures, backgrounds, races and needs.

The children of Capital School become a steward of the world we live in, and when the time comes for them to leave, they take with them the memory of a remarkable journey and the determination to go on to be the best that they can be.

Brand Overview.


The Brand Mark.

Our mission was to create a logo that delivers a prestigious and traditional feel with a modern approach, the CS shield and gold elements of the brand mark do exactly that.

The laurel wreath that borders the shield represents growth, achievement and nurture to reflect the nurturing and achieving family feel of Capital School. It is also very British yet international in its nature as many traditional British logos and cultures around the world share a laurel wreath, along with the crown that rests at the top of the shield tie very well into the high-quality British Curriculum that is delivered to each and every child of Capital School.

All of the brand elements reflect and align with your strapline/intent, ‘Nurturing Potential, Inspiring Excellence’.

Typeface & Colour Palette.

The colour palette has been developing to align with the Capital School uniform but also with the psychology of colour in mind and how it relates to their character and personality, and your typeface, Montserrat, delivers a modern and bold feel to the overall brand.

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Feedback from Capital School.

Thank you, it looks great!

Daniel Sutton,
Headteacher & CEO at Capital School

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