Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Chellow Heights Special School.

Our mission was to recreate the existing brand identity for Chellow Heights Special School; this would provide them with a high resolution logo, consistency across their marketing materials, and brand rationale and story steered by the concept developed.

The Branches of Chellow.

What makes Chellow Heights remarkable is their dedication and commitment to each pupil within their care; they provide them with an education that has different facets of support like the branches of a tree. This encourages pupils to find a route to flourish and reach new heights.

This is reflected within the tree graphic of the logo. Each child who attends Chellow Heights is different and has their own individual needs (the leaves), they’re supported by the staff teams who provide them with the stability and equipment they need to flourish (the branches of the tree). The yellow oval in the background showcases the light and joy of the school overlooking the children as they grow.


Colour Palette

We retained the existing primary colour palette for Chellow Heights but introduced a secondary palette inspired by the school uniforms to enrich the overall brand. There is also a deep psychological meaning behind the colours within the Chellow Heights brand.

Yellow is the epitome of joy, cheerfulness, optimism. Happiness is yellow. The wavelength of yellow is long, giving it psychological impact, whilst being the easiest colour to see. (Did you know yellow is the first colour infants respond to?)

Blue is known for its trust and dependability. It is reliable, responsible, and mentally soothing. It suggests de-stressing, calming down, and dreaming.

Grey in colour psychology represents neutrality and balance. To have this balance it should only be used for font colour, headers and graphics.

This palette of colour allows us to deliver a relaxed, calm and mentally soothing brand that would reflect the care, happy and safe environment Chellow Heights provides for its children.

Feedback from Chellow Heights Special School.

We love the new website
Thank you – it looks great!

Helen Willet
Chellow Heights Special School

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