Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Creating Tomorrow College.

We designed the new brand identity of Creating Tomorrow College which… echo the college’s mission of providing a stepping stone into work and further education for young adults.


Stepping Stones to the Future.


Our mission is to create a new brand for Creating Tomorrow College that portrays the college’s mission – to provide a stepping stone to further education and work for young adults.

The old logo was to be used as inspiration for the new brand, taking elements such as the brand colours, the stepping stones and sun ray and developing them into a modern, multi-channel, multipurpose brand and logo.

The new brand is to be unique, distinctive and highly effective across all collateral from clothing and signage to the college website and social media.

The brand will be something that the young adults at Creating Tomorrow College can engage with and be proud of, one that is aligned to their age and their interests.


Creating Tomorrow College’s Remarkable.

7 years ago Creating Tomorrow College recognised that many SEN students when they get to 18 aren’t ready to go into the real working world, with this knowledge in mind they proceeded to carve and define their own market in a non-established marketplace by setting up the college for 16 – 25 year olds. This is to ensure that those students have the additional time they may require, so they’re prepared and equipped with the right tools for independence, the main driver being employability and giving them the skills to retain employment in their life.


This leads to what truly makes Creating Tomorrow College remarkable. Their personalised approach to learning and work experience which is tailored around the needs and desires of the young people enables them to gain the independence they require to not only have employment opportunities but also retain them. They start with the end result in mind, what career path the unique individual wants to achieve, then they proceed to identify the stages within their tailored program so they obtain it.

Ultimately, Creating Tomorrow College is an amazing institution providing tailored learning opportunities, focused on employability for 16 – 25 year old students who require additional support in preparing them for the real world.


Brand Overview.


The Brand Mark.

The stepping stones are a key element of the new logo and brand. They are ametaphorical reference to the aims and mission of Creating Tomorrow College, guiding and providing a clear pathway for young adults.

The Trust sunray is present within the stepping stones providing a link back to the Trust with a message that support is provided every step of the way.


The strapline (intent) is key to the overall brand message – identifying CreatingTomorrow College’s sense of inclusion and celebrating individuality.


Typeface & Colour Palette.

The colour palette is inspired by the previous brand palette – giving a sense of heritage and pride in the college’s history, but delivering a new and refreshedapproach. The typeface Montserrat adds a final touch of boldness and corporate edge to ensure all marketing materials appeal to the audience required.

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Feedback from Creating Tomorrow College.

It’s fair to say we love it! I don’t think that will come as any surprise to Dean as he knew we were delighted with our very first view of it!

Esther Bushell,
Chief Operating Officer at Creating Tomorrow Trust

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