Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Elements Diocesan Learning Trust.

We designed the new brand identity for Elements Diocesan Learning Trust which will… represent the four guiding elements, the Church of England, and has a very simple and clean overall approach to the brand.


The Four Guiding Elements.


To ensure that we approached the creative process correctly, we first analysed our notes and creative brief from our Discovery Call.

Our mission was to create a brand for Elements Diocesan Learning Trust that reflects the remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call session. It’s to be modern, simple, and clean, representing the four guiding elements of the Trust as well as providing a link to DOWMAT and the Church of England.


Elements’ Remarkable.

During the Discovery Call it quickly became evident that what truly makes Elements Diocesan Learning Trust remarkable is in fact their strength in unity and the collaboration between the Trust and the four schools within it, who are dedicated in helping the children flourish and thrive.

Their vision’s four main guiding elements:

  • Educating for Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills
  • Hope and Aspiration
  • Community and Living Well Together
  • Dignity and Respect

These four guiding elements all form the core ethos and are strengthened by their Christian values and their child-centered focus. We’re to take this remarkable into consideration to create a unique brand story and logo rationale to bring to life the vision of Elements Diocesan Learning Trust.


The Square of Christianity.

To provide the brand with a shape that represents the four guiding elements of the Trust our focus laid upon the square.

In Christianity, the shape of a square is symbolic of living a righteous life, referring to the “right” angles and equal corners on each side. It also represents discipleship and loyalty, and strong discipline that is required to live in accordance with the Christian faith. It also has four sides, each to represent one of the four guiding elements.

With a key part of our mission to create a simple and clean brand, representing each of the four guiding elements within the brand mark would make it extremely busy and become less recognisable. For this purpose, we decided to make it symbolic but also create a set of  iconography so each of the four guiding elements had its own icon to represent it. These icons would be used within the brand marketing materials when speaking about a specific element.


Brand Overview.


The Brand Mark.

The four guiding elements are represented by the diamond shape (the square) creating the letter E. The brand mark also encompasses the cross which indicates that the four guiding elements of the Trust are underpinned by Christian values.

The sharpness of the brand mark aligns with the branding of DOWMAT which also includes a cross.


The intent takes inspiration from the bible passage John 10:10, ‘Flourishing together, in the love of God.’ to deliver the overall goal of the Elements Diocesan Learning Trust. That the Trust, schools and children can flourish together using the four guiding elements and the love of God.


Typeface & Colour Palette.

The colour palette provides a complete feeling of who Elements are and the typeface ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro delivers a bold and modern finish to the overall brand.

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