Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Furness Education Trust.

Our mission was to develop and enrich the existing brand identity for Furness Education Trust. We were to build a meaningful rationale behind the brand and develop a concept to steer a narrative that captured the essence of the Trust.

A Seamless Stream of Education.

Furness Education Trust’s ‘remarkable’ is due to it being within a family of schools, supporting children and families in the community of Barrow-in-Furness.

The collaboration of the schools and the Trust provides a shared specialist pedagogy, recognising that children have different starting points but all deserve a nurturing, stable and robust approach. This collaboration and consistency across the curriculum, schools and the school-lives of children, creates a stream of seamless education for the benefit of all…

The shared curriculum, values, and commitment, deliver life-changing opportunities and the chance for each individual child to become happy and self-sufficient citizens as they step into careers and lives beyond school. Furness Education Trust plays a pivotal role in raising aspirations for children in Barrow.

The supportive family feel to the Trust thrives within an encouraging leadership attitude of ‘see it, fix it, sort it’. The Trust, and each school that joins it, adopts this approach of resolving a problem when it arises and being supported by a network of peers across the schools and the Trust. Ultimately, everyone succeeds together.


Relation to Brand Mark

The brand mark is key to any brand identity – it’s the memorable icon that portrays meaning and gives visual insight.

Aspects of Furness Academy Trust that are significant in its identity:

  • Innovative
  • Forward-thinking
  • Research-based
  • Providing an array of opportunities across primary and secondary education
  • Creating aspiration in pupils and in staff teams

The Core of Furness Academy Trust is reflected in it values of:

  • Integrity
  • Aspiration
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence

When Integrity (blue swish) and Aspiration (pink swish) Collaborate (the cross-over between the two), it creates Excellence.

Brand Overview.

Brand Mark

The rationale behind the brand mark ties into the values of Furness Education Trust, that when Integrity and Aspiration Collaborate it creates Excellence, this provides a story behind the brand that schools looking to academise can buy into.

It’s also a visual representation of a school that has joined the Trust and adopted its core values of the Trust reaching that fourth value of Excellence.

Intent (Strapline)

Seamless education built on collaboration

The strapline captures the core of the Trust, the stream that carries children from early years to independent lives. Schools within the Trust achieve distinction as children flourish and achieve excellence: this seamless education enabled by the broad collaborative approach is represented in the strapline.

Feedback from Furness Education Trust.

These are absolutely great, really pleased with them. Thank you!

Helen Robinson
Deputy Headteacher
Furness Academy

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