Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Hillside Primary School.

We designed the new brand identity for Hillside Primary School that reflected their diverse community and their core values, integral to everything they do.

Watercolour Diversity.


During our Discovery Call, it was evident that Hillside Primary School’s remarkable was the diversity of their community and the children. With 30+ different ethnicities and 20+ languages spoken within the school, Hillside is a true kaleidoscope, in which all who are involved feel proud.

Strapline / Values.

If you brush watercolour onto paper, it flows freely in its own direction within the path of the paintbrush; this seemed to us very much like a child at Hillside Primary School, a child with individual needs and abilities supported by Hillside’s 3 key values.

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Hillside’s approach is to never give up – success starts with belief and then achievement. These 3 words drive the approach of a school that instils belief by provision of support and an array of opportunities and experiences. These values combine with the wonderful mix of cultures to give children a profound understanding of the world around them, ultimately making them better human beings.

The investment of high aspiration and positivity for every child from whatever background or culture, provides an incredible start to their educational journey… like the beginning of a brushstroke in watercolour paint.

Brand Overview.

Hillside Primary School provides growth, support, and high aspirations to each child with pride in their culture. Our approach was to use an image of a tree, representing growth and support, but to present it with innovation and combine with the brushstroke.

Strapline / Values

Each tree branch signifies one of the values expressed in Hillside’s strapline. We created an abstract tree representing the Scots Pines growing in Huddersfield – trees playing host to a range of species, from stump lichens and wood ants that live on and under the bark, to majestic ospreys and golden eagles nesting in its level branches. Just like the diversity celebrated in Hillside.


The watercolour strokes suggest the beauty of a diverse community of children, moving in different directions as they explore their individual needs and abilities, and come together to form Hillside Primary School.

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Feedback from Hillside Primary School.

“We’re really happy with the logo and
the visuals. Well done and thank you!

Nadine Sadler,
Headteacher at Hillside Primary School

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