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for Italian International 

We designed the new brand identity for Italian International School that… delivers a recreation of the current brand mark to develop the overall feel and impact of the brand.

The previous Italian International School logo caused a great deal of confusion as the colour palette was misleading and didn’t reflect the Italian aspect of their brand identity.

Our mission was to create a brand for Italian International School that delivers a recreation of the current brand mark to develop the overall feel and impact of the brand. The colour palette was to relate to Italy, Green being a key colour in the brand palette, we were to source a typeface that resembles the lettering structures of the current brand typeface.

The overall brand was to have a prestigious feel to it but be balanced with the sustainability and organic vision and ethos of the school.



We selected the sans-serif typeface Montserrat as it aligned perfectly with the current brand typeface of the Italian International School. It also provides strong legibility across both digital and print formats with a variety of different weights to ensure copy within their marketing materials are engaging.

Colour Palette.

The colour palette had been developed around the Italian and UAE flags to reflect both their international and local prospects. We also used the psychology of colour to develop the colour palette to ensure it aligns with their character and personality.

Green is a colour of balance and harmony. It lends us a clearer sense of right from wrong since green incorporates a balance of both the logical and emotional. Green is one of the most seen colours in nature reflecting life, rest, and peace. It is also a sign of growth.

Gold is the colour of success, achievement and triumph. Associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication, value and elegance, the psychology of this colour implies illumination, love, compassion, courage, magic, and wisdom.

Red represents passion and warmth, studies show that its warm and vibrant hue gives us more energy to take action, and be enthusiastic, charismatic and natural leaders.

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