Powerful School
Logo & Brand Design
for Mandeville School.

We designed the new brand identity for Mandeville School which… delivers a fresh and professional feel to the brand and represents all aspects of the school.

Reaching Stars Together.


For this concept the star represents each child as being different from the next. Unique. It brings the feeling of achievement, independance and potential.

A star is one of nature’s most creative shapes. A constellation of stars, each emitting their own light and and uniqueness create something spectacular when brought together. Stars throughout history have also been used as guiding lights, either in navigation or spiritually. Mandeville School is not only a school but also a community that guides the children to their full potential.

Key Words/School Values.

Enabling learners and creating opportunities for them to explore what’s possible.

Empowering learners to use their voice to influence the world around them.

Nurturing learners so they feel safe and secure, can grow as individuals and build their relationships with others.

Inspiring learners to be the best they can be.

Engaging learners through motivating and creative approaches to teaching and learning.

Logo Elements.

Moon: We wanted to retain a link to the old logo and have kept the blue circle. When imagining a night sky children often think of the moon. When aiming for the stars we would also see the moon which creates a great backdrop upon which the logo is based.

Star: The star shape represents the children. Each being unique. Each shining in their own way. Our star is unique in itself, each point being a separate colour, shape and size. We have created the letter ‘M” for Mandeville from two of these points. Representing the school community as an essential element in helping to form these bright stars.

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