Powerful School
Logo & Brand Design

for Northleigh CE 
Primary School.

We designed the new brand identity for Northleigh CE Primary School which… reflected who they are, who they’re looking to become as the old logo and stapline ‘Love to Learn, Learn to Love’ was dislike no longer represent them.

The Courageous Lion of Malvern.



We were provided with a new strapline ‘Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Fearless’ to incorporate into the overall logo and brand creative which gave us a basis for the creative process.

When we first thought of the strapline we imagined an animal that children all relate to. One that is strong, brave and fearless yet adored by children.

Being a Church of England School we wanted to maintain a link to Christian beliefs and values. Lions are a symbol of courage, pride and loyalty which underpin Christian beliefs when it comes to God.

The lion represents the values of Northleigh, Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Fearless.


The Northleigh CE Primary School curriculum is completely tailored to their location, an example of this is in a History lesson the children will be taught about the history of their location Malvern, Worcestershire.

We’re aware that the majority of the competitor schools use the hills or some form of a tree within their branding so we wanted to be more subtle in our approach.


Four Elements of Nature.

Whilst researching Northleigh we found out that the House names of the school relate to the four elements of Nature, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. We wanted to introduce this into the branding as it aligned beautifully with Northleigh’s location but also provides a link to God creating the world and the four elements.

Brand Overview.


Lion Paw Print.

The paw print of a lion represents the strapline ‘Be Brave – Be Strong – Be Fearless’ which aligns with the values of Northleigh CE Primary School.

Swipe to Unearth the Remarkable.

Feedback from Northleigh CE Primary School.

“We are thrilled with the design, it very much reflects where we are going as a school. Thank you!”

Sarah Green
Headteacher at Northleigh CE Primary School

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