Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for OAK Multi Academy Trust.

We designed the new brand identity for Oak Multi Academy Trust which… reflects the family feel of the Trust and delivers cohesiveness to the overall brand and showcases who they are and what they provide to your community.

The OAK Family Tree.


Our mission was to create a brand for OAK Multi Academy Trust that reflects the remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call session. It was to provide a cohesiveness to the overall brand and reflect who they are as a Trust, and what they provide to their community.

We were to incorporate the oak leaf, possibly an oak tree, use their current Trust values; Opportunity. Achievement. Kindess, and provide a link to the Overdale Infant School brand we created; this will ultimately reflect the Trust in their brand and should play a role in any of the other school brands we design that are associated with OAK Multi Academy Trust.


OAK Multi Academy Trust’s Remarkable.

OAK Multi Academy Trust’s remarkable is the family feel to their Trust. As all of the schools within their Trust are closely located, it provides a real sense of community and a family quality to their character and personality.

They’re in a position to grow and expand and in doing so they enable the schools and young people within their community to grow at the same time. This growth encourages collaboration between the schools and members of the Trust; which creates a real sense of enthusiasm and desire to constantly have the pupils and students at the heart of everything they do.

With OAK being an all-through Trust; their academies deliver a forward-thinking curriculum to pupils as they start their educational journey at Pre- school, right through to when they leave and explore further education at Secondary. This ultimately provides a consistent foundation of learning; without culture shock, as the pupils and young people can experience the same level of care, support, and guidance throughout their learning journey and become the best version of themselves.

Brand Overview.


The Design.

Our mission was to reflect what makes OAK Multi Academy Trust remarkable, the family feel to their Trust and all of their schools being closely located provides a real sense of community and a family quality to their character and personality. The oak tree and leaves reflect this very well as each leaf is a school within their growing community (the leaf would be incorporated into each of the school brands we design) and the Trust is the tree enabling them to flourish and be part of their family. The brand mark uses the negative space very well within the letter O of OAK creating the circle of Trust.

Typeface & Colour Palette.

With the use of the psychology of colour the new colour palette reflects the character and personality of OAK Multi Academy Trust, it also incorporates the blue from Overdale Infant School to provide a link between the brands. The typeface Poppins also delivers this link with a modern and bold feel to the overall brand identity.

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