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Logo & Brand Design
for Oakfields School Federation.

We designed the new brand identity for Oakfield Schools Federation which… reflects the remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call session and provided a bold and modern feel to the relaunch of Oakfield Schools Federation.

Reaching for the Stars.


Our mission was to create a brand for Oakfield Schools Federation that reflects the remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call session. It was to be bold, modern, and provide a great insight into the fearless mindset of their community and the magical, daring and adventurous environment they deliver to their children.

We were to pay homage to their history and the leafy environment by including the oak leaf in the logo we created. Along with this, the colour palette was to include navy blue and yellow as these colours will be in their new school uniform, with the brand palette aligning it would provide an overall consistency to their school and brand identity.


Oakfield’s Remarkable.

During our Discovery Call it came across extremely evident that what truly makes Oakfield Schools Federation remarkable is their mindset, they’re fearless and proclaim that they do what they think is right for their children. This mindset leads into the magical, daring and adventurous environment they provide for those children, the staff are flamboyant and extremely outgoing, and it was even mentioned that it’s almost like working at Google because of how different the school is, they’re not retrospective, they’re forward-thinking.

Within this Oakfield wonderland, there’s an overall sense of ambition that their purpose is to set firm foundations for every child within their community, they instil open-mindedness into those children so they become global citizens that are open and accepting of all cultures and backgrounds.

Ultimately, Oakfield Schools Federation is an extremely enriching experience for every child and member of their community. They’re collaborative for the betterment of their children’s futures and really do strive to provide an incredible adventurous environment where every child can achieve their full potential.

The Stars.

For inspiration, we looked to the world around us to provide us with symbols of ambition, adventure, community and achieving our full potential. We reached for the ‘stars’.

Stars have often been used as a guiding path for people, long before we had access to a GPS, maps, or a compass. Often referred to as a guiding light, a fixed star was something to guide travelers to their destination.

They’re also a source of motivation and ambition for many. While children often want to earn a gold star for their work, this theme continues into their teen years and then into adulthood. Some well-known quotes like “reach for the stars” and “follow your star” are inspirational and motivational. The stars are symbolic of reaching for heights that could otherwise be thought of as unobtainable by those with narrow-minded views.

Stars have a very powerful influence over our lives, from sustaining life on earth, acting as a guide, and providing hope and motivation, we likened this to the mindset, guidance and adventurous environment Oakfield Schools Federation deliver to its children so that they can achieve their full potential and reach for the ‘stars’.

Brand Overview.



The star provides the brand identity with the perfect symbol that reflects the remarkable of Oakfield Schools Federation. Oakfield set firm foundations for their children to achieve their full potential and an adventurous environment and fearless and nurturing community so they can reach for the ‘stars’.

There are three stars within the brand mark to represent the collaborative community aspect of Oakfield (the child, parent and school). The oak leaf element pays homage to their history and the leafy environment they’re situated in.


The intent, ‘Guiding the futures of our children’ delivers an overall message of the Oakfield goal. They’re for the betterment of their children’s futures and enable them to reach their full potential. The word guiding aligns with the star aspect of the brand mark to provide language consistency across the brand story.


Typeface & Colour Palette

The new colour palette aligns with the new school uniform but has also been considered using the psychology of colour. This along with the typeface ‘Filson Soft’ delivers a bold and modern finish to the overall brand.

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