Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Overdale Infant School.

We designed the new brand identity of Overdale Infant School which… reflects the remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call and provides a bold and modern feel to the overall brand.

The Firefly of Overdale.


Our mission was to create a new brand for Overdale Infant School that reflects the remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call session. Their old logo was designed by a child who attended the school 25 years ago and has about 10 different versions so there wasn’t a professional level of consistency across the brand which they require. It was to be bold, modern, and provide a great insight into the caring nature of the school that enables their children and community to shine bright and achieve their fullest potential.

We were to pay homage to OAK Multi Academy Trust within the logo, it should have an overall infant feel and also reflect that despite being an inner-city infant school,
they have a lot of trees and a leafy environment around them for children to discovery and explore.


Overdale Infant School’s Remarkable.

During our Discovery Call session it was evident that what makes Overdale Infant School remarkable is their child-centred, nurturing and inclusive nature. This leads into one of their core traits of going above and beyond for each and every family within their community, not just the child. The support they provide and the collaboration between home and school ensures children develop into happy, confident individuals and shine bright in and after their educational journey which can be celebrated by all.

Ultimately, Overdale Infant School is a wonderful place that’s a beacon of light where the staff go above and beyond to ensure children develop into the best version of themselves, and takes pride in providing a light of support and nurture for their whole community.

The Firefly.

For inspiration to achieve the mission we set upon, we looked to nature to provide us with symbols that reflect the ethos of Overdale Infant School. During our research, we came across the perfect example, the Firefly.

The firefly is one of nature’s most enchanting animals. Not only do they emit an otherworldly glow, but their magic can actually attract what you desire in your life! They remind us that we need to let our light shine so people see and recognise how special it truly makes us feel inside.

They represent taking flight towards greater heights with a newfound light leading the way so others might follow suit – much like how these creatures tend to lead their babies back home at night by shining brightly for them.

We likened this to the nurturing nature and support that Overdale Infant School provides to not only its children but the families within its community so they can achieve their fullest potential and shine their brightest whilst they do so.

Brand Overview.


The Design.

The firefly provides a visual representation of the overall impact of the caring nature and beacon of support that Overdale Infant School delivers to its children and community, so they can achieve their fullest potential and shine their brightest whilst they do so.

The overall design is very infant focused with stylised typographic characters and a subtle nod to OAK Multi Academy Trust with the use of the oak leaf.

The three circles around the main firefly represent the triangle of support. The collaboration between Overdale Infant School, the parent(s) and the child(ren).


Lighting the hearts & minds of our community.

The intent, ‘Lighting the hearts & minds of our community’ delivers an overall message of the Overdale Infant School goal. They’re for the betterment of their children and their community, not just academically but for their wellbeing also. The language used aligns with the brand concept so there is consistency across the brand identity.


Colour Palette & Typeface.

The colour palette delivers a warm and calm feeling whilst being quite energetic at the same time, it also aligns with the leafy environment that surrounds Overdale. The typeface Poppins adds a final touch to ensure all marketing materials have that bold and modern finish we require.

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Feedback from Overdale Infant School

“Thank you for all of your hard work on our project.”

Hayley Holmes,
Headteacher at Overdale Infant School

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