Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Overdale Junior School.

We designed the new brand identity of Overdale Junior School which… reflects the remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call session to provide a corporate yet friendly and welcoming brand that reflects their personality.

The Triangle of Overdale.


Our mission is to create a new brand for Overdale Junior School that reflects the remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call session. The old logo was designed over 20 years ago and doesn’t have any meaning rationale that’s known to the Senior Leadership Team, pupils and community.

It was to be bold, modern, and incorporate elements from the Infant School brand; but align with a maturer audience. It provides a great insight into their caring and supportive nature, that they’re a very inclusive school that provides an incredible leafy environment, and works holistically as well as collaboratively with the parents and their community for the betterment of each child that attends their school.

We were to pay homage to OAK Multi Academy Trust within the logo in a similar fashion to the Infant School brand.


Overdale Junior School’s Remarkable.

What truly makes Overdale Junior School remarkable is their inclusive, diverse and
multicultural community and the incredible outdoor leafy environment they provide.

Many schools state that they’re diverse, but Overdale Junior School and their community are truly a melting pot of humanity; that encourages all ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures, and abilities to achieve their fullest potential. They do this through their collaborative and holistic approach to education which ultimately provides a triangle of support and care.

Along with this, they provide an amazing outdoor environment which they pride yourselves on and is a great unique selling point of Overdale, and is very rare for a city school to have. This outdoor space enables children to have a greater understanding of the world around them and their responsibility in caring for it.

Triangle of Support.

A triangle illustrates the importance of parents and schools working together to support the pupil. The three points of a triangle represent the three parts of that
relationship. The parent and school are the two bottom points that support the pupil and enable them to have the best educational experience.

  • When the school is aware of the pupils’ home situations, they gain insight into the pupils’ classroom behaviour.
  • When parents understand what the school is trying to achieve, they can provide valuable support and assistance at home.
  • Parents can implement strategies to change pupils’ behaviours at home in ways that can positively affect their behaviour in the classroom.

Each triangle of support between the school, parent, and pupil provides that young person with an incredible opportunity to thrive and also sparks the love of learning. Overdale Junior School provides that triangle of support for each individual child so they can flourish throughout their educational journey.

Brand Overview.



The triangle and the three points within the brand mark represent the complete support between your school, the parent(s), and the child. Triangles are effective tools in design as they provide direction, strength and stability.

The oak leaf represents the calm leafy environment that surrounds you as well as a link to OAK Multi-Academy Trust. The brand has close ties with the Infant School providing consistency yet in a more mature version. Clever use of typography provides a slightly more corporate feel whilst retaining a warm and welcoming image.


We’ve incorporated your school core values of ‘Respect, Resilience and Responsibility’ into your strapline as this really encompasses what your ‘remarkable’ provides. You are a very inclusive school that delivers a triangle of care and support to ensure each child is a mirror of those values. The three words also work very well with the triangle having three corners.


Colour Palette & Typefaces.

The colour palette delivers a warm and calm feeling whilst being quite energetic at the same time and it aligns with the leafy environment that surrounds Overdale. The typeface Poppins adds a final touch to ensure all marketing materials have that bold and modern finish we require.

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Feedback from Overdale Junior School

“Thank you for your work on the logo.
It looks really good.”

Matt Evans,
Headteacher at Overdale Junior School

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