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for Queensbury

We designed the new brand identity for Queensbury Academy to reflect the four values that create the acronym CARE, and the guidance these values provide to each young person’s life.

CARE and Guidance.


Our mission was to create a brand for Queensbury Academy that reflects the Remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call session and for it to have a bold, fresh and modern feel that reflects the new building and approach to teaching and learning whilst incorporating the existing brand palette of burgundy and grey.


Queensbury Academy’s Remarkable.

It was evident that what makes Queensbury Academy remarkable is its values, reflected in the level of care for every young person. They’re a hub of aspiration that provides their community with a great deal of support and motivation, this in turn enabling every student to work hard and be kind.

The school values (CARE) are fundamental to the work Queensbury Academy does and provides to the young people. It is emphasised to the students that the CARE values that the school instils into them should not go away when they turn 16, but they stay with them forever and guide them in terms of their personal and professional lives.


CARE and Guidance.

To provide the brand with a shape that represents the four Queensbury Academy brand values (CARE) and the guidance they provide, our focus is laid upon the location pin.

The location pin is a key symbol of guidance but when styled and used in the right way provided our brand mark with a symbolic asset that would highlight the four brand values, the guidance they play in changing the lives of the young people at Queensbury Academy and the leafy environment in which Queensbury is located.


Brand Overview.


The four elements within the logo represent each of the four brand values (CARE) and the guidance each value provides to the young people of Queensbury. The stylised location pin also has a graphical letters Q and A within them to show that the values of Queensbury Academy will continue to guide them throughout their educational and life journey.


For the Queensbury Academy intent (strapline) it was only right to use their CARE values, ‘Co-operation, Aspiration, Respect and Endeavour’ as these four words represent the overall goal of Queensbury Academy in providing students with support and care throughout their educational journey and instilling the CARE values into them so they are prepared for life beyond education.


Colour Palette & Typefaces.

The slightly developed colour palette provides a warmer feel to the overall brand but also an earthier undertone to align with the leafy environment of Queensbury. The sans-serif typeface Gotham achieves a bold, clean and modern finish to the overall brand identity.

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Feedback from Queensbury Academy.

“That’s great, thank you for your work on this.”

Sarah Fleming
Head of Communications at Anthem Schools Trust

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