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We designed the new brand identity for SEARCH Education Trust to reflect the continual search for excellence provided to each school, teacher, member of staff and young person.

The Search for Excellence.


Our mission was to create a brand for SEARCH Education Trust that reflected the Remarkable we unearthed during our initial Discovery Call session. It had to be bold and modern, and provide insight into the character of the Multi-Academy Trust.


SEARCH Education Trust’s Remarkable.

What makes SEARCH Education Trust Remarkable is that it enables schools to provide young people with the self-realisation that they can aspire to be more and do more to achieve their full potential and become their fullest selves.

These opportunities and guidance are all heavily supported by the school’s vision and principles, taken on board and shared by the school leaders, teachers and all within the MAT.

There are 6 aspects to the vision and principles with each vision making up the acronym SEARCH, which also showcases who they are and what they provide. This is what was driving us as we set about creating a brand story and a logo with rationale.

The Transformation of the Butterfly.

For inspiration, we looked to nature to provide us with symbols of growth, transformation, self-realisation, and the search for excellence. We loved the idea of the butterfly.

Butterflies, as insects, embody growth and metamorphosis through their own life cycle, starting from eggs and transforming into fully formed complex organisms.

Butterflies are blessed with the opportunity and ability for extraordinary transformation – this is also true for all stakeholders of SEARCH Education Trust. They are enabled to expand their consciousness through different experiences such as art, reading, learning, and relationships with others that allow them to learn, blossom and transform into better versions of themselves.

Whether you want to change the way you view the world, how you treat others, or your career, the butterfly is the perfect symbol to represent transformational change for the better. It therefore aligns with the ethos of SEARCH Education Trust in providing young people and schools with the opportunity, guidance and impetus to advance.

Brand Overview.


The butterfly brand mark represents SEARCH’s ethos of providing young people and schools with the opportunity and guidance to grow and become the best versions of themselves.



The intent, Strong, Sustainable, Successful Schools delivers the overall message of the SEARCH goal. Each school will become strong, sustainable and successful with its guidance, vision and principles

Colour Palette & Typefaces.

The new colour palette provides a complete feeling of who SEARCH is and the 6 colours within the brand palette represent the 6 vision/principles that create the acronym SEARCH. The typeface Gotham delivers a bold and modern finish to the brand.

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SEARCH Values Iconography.

To accompany the brand identity for SEARCH Education Trust we developed iconography to reflect each of the Trust values that create the acronym SEARCH.


Stretch the imaginations of learners and teachers through an inspirational curriculum, and strategies for teaching and learning.

The hot air balloon symbolises imagination and the inspiration of reaching greater heights.

SEARCH Values Iconography.


Empower young people to be entrepreneurial and creative leaders of the future.

The light bulb symbolises the empowerment of young people to become entrepreneurial and creative leaders of the future.

SEARCH Values Iconography.


Aspire for young people to discover how they can be the best they can be.

The rocket represents the aspiration in discovery, each young person transforming into the best version of themselves.

SEARCH Values Iconography.


Reach out to everyone, celebrate diversity, and leave no one behind.

The Collective symbol shows the unity between communities, celebrating diversity together and never leaving anyone behind.

SEARCH Values Iconography.


Collaborate to develop a community of shared practice and effective partnerships for school improvement.

The Puzzle Pieces symbolise the collaboration of communities sharing best practice and working together effectively.

SEARCH Values Iconography.


Helping  and supporting learners, staff and families to have a voice, to be actively involved, happy, safe, resilient and healthy.

The Stairs represent the help and support given to everyone in the trust.

Feedback from SEARCH Education Trust.

“Thanks for this, that’s great!”

Anthony Billings
CEO at SEARCH Education Trust

Unearth the ‘Remarkable’ in your school.