Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for The Derby High School.

We designed the new brand identity for The Derby High School which… reflects the remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call and provide a traditional yet modern feel to the brand.

Our Mission.


Our mission was to create a brand for The Derby High School that reflected the remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call session. It provides a great insight into the inclusive and nurturing nature underpinned by traditional values with a modern twist. We also took into consideration the 7Rs which are embedded into the culture of the school.

We were to retain the Derby blue from their old brand and build a colour palette around it that aligns with the personality and character of the school, as well as using the current strapline ‘Inspired to make a difference’.


The Derby High School’s Remarkable.

What truly makes The Derby High School remarkable is the inclusive, diverse and nurturing nature that enables each and every young person; to have high aspirations in becoming the best version of themselves regardless of their culture or background. Together with these high aspirations students are made to feel supported and safe in the friendly and welcoming environment you provide.

The Staff at The Derby High go above and beyond to encourage pupils to follow their passions and dreams and will ensure that opportunities exist for them to do so. The school believes in offering every student the opportunity to be a leader and recognises the huge benefits that this can bring. Leaders are recognised around the school; as they proudly wear a distinct school tie from other students.

Ultimately, The Derby High School is an aspirational institution; with a brilliant historical reputation that continues to develop and nurture the young people of Bury. Students talk about a sense of belonging and demonstrate a real pride in their school which enables them to fulfill their potential and follow their dreams and aspirations. Stags are known all over the world because they live on every continent except Antarctica, this in itself represents the diversity of The Derby High School as the deer surrounds itself with people from different cultures, backgrounds, races and religions.


The Stag of Derby.


Heritage of Derby.

Whilst researching more into The Derby High School we found out about their rich heritage. The Derby High School opened in September 1959 as the Derby Grammar School, a new school that offered both a grammar and a technical education.

The school’s patron was the Earl of Derby, with the school’s badge being based on the earl’s coat of arms, this has since transcended onto the badge of the current school uniform of The Derby High School with a simplistic approach.

It would be an incredible shame to disregard your heritage whilst designing your new brand identity, so we felt it would only be right to incorporate an element of your history within the brand, and after looking into the different elements across the coat of arms and the two school badges, a key element remained consistent, The Stag.

The Stag.

Researching deeper into the symbolism of the Stag, it made perfect sense as to why we would build the brand around it. There is a heap full of rationale as to why, and below are a few reasons why.

Diversity and Inclusion
Stags are known all over the world because they live on every continent except Antarctica, this in itself represents the diversity of The Derby High School as the deer surrounds itself with people from different cultures, backgrounds, races and religions.

Nurturing Nature
The Stag reminds us to be in touch with our own sweet-tempered natures. If we approach others and treat ourselves with gentleness, we play a role in changing the world for the better.

A symbol for leadership. As a non-aggressive animal, the stag symbolises leadership by example instead of by fear. Students are taught to be leaders, but at the same time be respectful and lead others to become the best version of themselves too.


The Stag & The 7Rs.

The Stag also represents and symbolises the 7Rs which are engrained into the fabric and culture of your school.

The Stag or Derby is Respectful of others as it reminds us to act with grace and be respectful of everyone.

Responsible as it’s aware of its surroundings and how it impacts the world around it.

Reasonable as it goes with its gut, but not in a rash, overly-emotional way to make optimal decisions for the best outcomes.

Ready as it symbolises passion, strength, and vitality, putting these into everything it does to ensure it’s up to the task and is equipped with the right attitude.

Resourceful due to its majestic antler crown, it’s proud of where it comes from, who it is and what it stands for in achieving its dreams and goals.

Resilient as it remains positive regardless of making mistakes, it owns up to those mistakes, faces its fears to become the best it can be.

Gives the Right Impression as it leads by example and follows the previous 6 Rs.

Brand Overview.


The Brand Mark.

The shield of the brand mark delivers the traditional side of The Derby High School, the overall design and style of the brand mark deliver a modern twist.

The stag represents the overall character, personality and rich heritage of your school. There are 7 points to each of the stag’s antlers to symbolise the 7Rs which are embedded in the school’s culture, this specific type of stag is called an Imperial Stag, which leads us onto the colour palette.

Typeface & Colour Palette.

The new colour palette aligns with the current Derby Blue but we’ve introduced the Imperial Blue as it relates to the Imperial Stag. The typefaces provide us with that consistent traditional feel but with a modern twist.


The intent, ‘Inspired to make a difference’ delivers the overall brand message of The Derby High School’s goal and ties very well into the brand mark and overall design of the brand.

Swipe to Unearth the Remarkable.

Feedback from The Derby High School.

Following consultation with the students, governors and parent group the overall consensus was that we loved the idea!

Maggie Duncan,
Business Manager at The Derby High School

Unearth the ‘Remarkable’ in your school.