Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Vision
Learning Trust.

We designed the new brand identity of Vision Learning Trust which… is a true representation of who they are, help to raise awareness of the Trust within their local community and beyond, and be used across all potential marketing materials.

Collaborative Partnership.


By looking back through our notes and additional research we dug a little deeper into the spirit of Vision Learning Trust.

The support and collaboration that the Trust provides to its current member schools and potential new ones.

The old logo, whilst OK, didn’t really represent the Trust


Vision Learning Trust’s Remarkable.

The Trust is focussed on collaboration and partnership. It works hard to improve and better the outcomes of its most important assets, the people. It welcomes experienced and dedicated team members that can bring additional expertise for the greater good of the children within their schools. There is a definite desire to improve outcomes by training staff to the highest level, even if they then move elsewhere. The Trust wants to provide people with the right ‘tools’ to deliver these outcomes for children.


Brand Overview.


The Brand Mark.

The triangles within the brand mark represent the collaborative partnership of Vision Learning Trust. Each triangle conveys a different partner/school as they unify together to form a single solid driving force of growth. The structure of the triangles also forms the letter V within the Trust’s name.

Colour Palette.

The two shades of blue within the colour palette represent the wisdom, confidence and intelligence that Vision Learning Trust provides to its partner schools and their children but also what the partner schools bring into the trust. It is a collaborative partnership of wisdom to ensure the growth and best outcomes for their children.

As we’re aware, the colour orange is a combination of both red and yellow, red symbolises strength and determination whilst yellow conveys joy, happiness and intellect. With the colours combined the three shades of orange represent the intellectual determination to spread a blanket of joy, happiness and light over each and every child of the partnered schools of Vision Learning Trust.

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