Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Willen Primary School.

We designed the new brand identity of Willen Primary School which… reflects of who they are whilst retaining the W from the previous logo.

The Caring Roots of Willen.


We initially dissected our notes and creative brief from the Discovery Call andresearched everything we could find about Willen Primary School.

The previous school logo houses the letter W which we had to retain and incorporate into the new brand identity as it’s largely used throughout the school premises and on the school uniforms.


Willen Primary School’s Remarkable.

During our Discovery Call, it was evident that Willen Primary School’s remarkable was in fact their core values. Each of the 5 core values is formed around the word that best describes Willen, caring.

These core values encourage the growth of the whole child, from caring about their environment and being a global citizen to caring about each other and being inclusive and accepting of how diverse their community is whilst forming long-lasting relationships with people within it.

Ultimately Willen Primary School is a hub of support that cares for not only the children that attend the school but also the community that surrounds them.


Location (Willen Lake).

Willen Primary School prides themselves on their location and being a support system for their children and community, so it was only right that we took into consideration the location of the school during our creative process.

Willen Lake is a 6-minute stroll from the school and is a key part of their community of Milton Keynes, alongside this Willen Primary School has a large chunk of land where they reside which definitely separates them from their competitor schools.

The green environment definitely inspired us whilst developing the colour palette and logo.


Brand Overview.


The Brand Mark.

The trees of Willen provide a shelter of support and care for the children, parents, and staff within their community.

The hand represents the caring core values of Willen Primary School, these are the roots of everything they do within the school. These roots form a support system for their children and community (the W).


We kept the existing strapline ‘A Place Where Everyone Flourishes’ as it aligns with the brand concept and reflects their remarkable.


Colour Palette.

The different shades of blue, green, and yellow provide a complete feeling of a summer’s day in Willen, the greens provide an eco-friendly feel of growth and care whilst the blues represent the lake and give a subtle nod to the existing sky blue colour which Carrie mentioned she liked. The yellow softens the overall palette and provides a warmth that Willen Primary wraps around their children.

Swipe to Unearth the Remarkable.

Feedback from Willen Primary School.

It was great to see the professionals lead the way!

Carrie Matthews,
Headteacher at Willen Primary School

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