Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Inspiring Lives Education Trust.

We designed the new brand identity for Inspiring Lives Education Trust to reflect their Remarkable, deliver an emotive connection to spark interest and provide a strong message as to who they are and what they provide.

Four Values Rooted in Love.

The Mission.

The brand created needed to encompass the values that underpin everything they do and be aesthetically pleasing to the eye whilst having a balance of both welcoming and corporate.

The colour palette needed to include purple and gold to deliver a pristine warm feel. The typeface should include an ‘infant a’ without using all capitals, including the potential strapline ‘Transforming lives through excellent education rooted in love.’

The Penarth Pathway.

The Typeface.

We’ve selected the sans-serif typeface ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro as we require the brand identity to be bold and modern. It also provides strong legibility across both digital and print formats. With limited weights within the font family, it enables a professional level of consistency across the brand.

The Penarth Pathway.

The Colour Palette.

The colour palette was developed to provide a pristine yet warm and welcoming feel to Inspiring Lives Education Trust. We also took into consideration the psychology of colour and how each colour relates to their personality and character to ensure it communicated the correct feel and emotive response.

Purple represents wisdom, bravery, and spirituality, it also is a calming colour and it allows for us to be more open minded and helps put our minds in the right place for introspection and focused insight. It fosters creativity by awakening our senses while promoting the quiet necessary to make intuitive, insightful observations. Purple creates a harmonious balance of awareness and peace. It’s half-blue, half-red, and our understanding of purple lies somewhere in between the serenity of blue and the passion of red.

Gold is the colour of success, achievement and triumph. Associated with prosperity, quality, prestige, value and elegance, the psychology of this colour implies illumination, love, compassion, courage, and wisdom.


The Penarth Pathway.

The Remarkable.

Unity through belonging – ‘Watching over one another in love’

A community within a community where each person knows their full value and every pupil matters. We believe every pupil has potential and therefore can succeed, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Excellence through servant leadership – ‘Do all the good you can’

Our leaders will be strategic, inspirational and compassionate focused on delivering quality learning. Our schools will be outward-facing communities where we serve others and contribute to the common good.

Inclusivity through accessibility – ‘For all for all’

John Wesley travelled the nation preaching for an inclusive faith that did not judge or favour or exclude. In total almost 1000 day schools were set up in the name of Methodism with a climate of establishing schooling for all and built on a reputation of good education within a free church ethos.


Swipe to Unearth the Remarkable.

new brand identity for Penarth Group Schoolold logo for Penarth Group School

The Brand Mark.

The brand mark reflects each of the four values that underpin and communicate who Inspiring Lives Education Trust is and what they provide.


Unity through belonging – ‘Watching over one another in love’

Hands are an extremely strong symbol of unity. It’s mentioned in their value breakdown that ‘it’s a community within a community’, the hand inside the larger hand is a great reference to this and symbolises each senior leader and member of staff making a difference in each and every child’s life to ensure they reach their fullest potential and succeed.


Excellence through servant leadership – ‘Do all the good you can’

The flaming torch is a great symbol to reflect leadership, inspiration, knowledge, and teaching. It’s mention in their value overview that ‘Our leaders will be strategic, inspirational and compassionate, focused on delivering quality learning’ the flaming torch aligns with this perfectly.

It also relates to the schools being outward-facing communities that serve others and contribute to the common good. With each school being a beacon of their community (a flaming torch), they can provide their fellowship (school community) with a guiding light to achieve together.


Inclusivity through accessibility – ‘For all for all’

As part of the overview of this specific value, you mention that ‘John Wesley travelled the nation preaching for an inclusive faith that did not judge or favour or exclude’, the globe represents inclusivity through accessibility for all, that you’re an international Trust due to your inclusive nature of all races, backgrounds and cultures.

This ultimately enables every member of Inspiring Lives Education Trust and the pupils within your schools to become global citizens and have a love for all people as we share a common ground.

Flourishing through growth – ‘Life in all its fullness’

Lastly, the tree is a perfect symbol of ‘Flourishing through growth’, it mentions that ‘Our schools will be places where pupils and adults are nurtured and know how to live well, educationally, creatively, morally and spiritually. They will foster ambitious outcomes and lifelong learning.’

A great example that relates to this is The Tree of Life symbol, it represents our personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty. Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow upwards to the sky, we too grow stronger, striving for greater knowledge, wisdom and new experiences as we move through life.

The elements of the brand mark balance a traditional style of symbol to reflect your nature and values, whilst having a very modern approach in the design. The Methodist cross at the centre of the four values reflects that they’re rooted in the love of God and his love for us.


The Strapline.

We incorporated the new strapline ‘Transforming lives through education rooted in love’ as this ultimately delivers the Inspiring Lives Education Trust intent, unique brand message and story.


The Colour Palette & Typeface.

The new colour palette delivers a pristine yet warm feel to the overall brand, and the psychology of colour reflects their character and personality beautifully.

The typeface ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro includes the infant a which was a key element for us to take into consideration. The use of the two weights within the logo delivers a modern approach that balances very well with the traditional style of the brand mark.

Feedback from Inspiring Lives Education Trust .

Dean, wow. This is amazing mate, absolutely perfect. Everyone loved it, all approved.

Powerful Logo & School Brand for Charlotte Taylor,
Deputy CEO and Trust lead for Primary Education

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