Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Frenchay C of E Primary School.

We designed the new brand identity for Frenchay C of E Primary School that reflected the caring village environment they provide. As well as the eco-friendly global values, the school underpins everything they do with strong Christian values.

Brand Overview.


Three Key Elements

Our mission was to reflect what makes the school remarkable along with representing people, the world and Christianity. Each pebble within the brand mark reflects a different child and or member of staff within the Koinonia bowl (community). The overall shape represents the world (globe) and the pebbles symbolise different countries within it; which aligns with the ethos around diversity and everyone being accepted for their differences, as well as the eco-friendly environment. Lastly the cross in the middle wraps around the brand mark as the Christian values are central to everything about the school.



Believe – Belong – Become

We retained the strapline as it delivered a powerful message, but we placed a pebble between each word so there was a consistent reflection of the overall brand concept and story.

Colour Palette & Typefaces

The new colour palette aligns with the colour of the school uniform and has been developed using the colour schemes provided but also with the psychology of colour in mind and how each colour relates to the school’s personality. The typeface ‘Filson Soft’ and the web-ready version ‘Poppins’, deliver a bold and modern finish to the overall brand with a subtle touch of the infant to reflect the age range of the children.

Swipe to Unearth the Remarkable.

Feedback from Frenchay C of E Primary School.

“All looks great. Thank you!”

Katherine Marks,
Headteacher at Frenchay C of E Primary School, Bristol, UK

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