Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Nanaksar Primary School.

We designed the new brand identity for Nanaksar Primary School, which showcased their SHARE values and the overall character of the school, and incorporated an element of the Multi-Academy Trust logo to provide a link between them.

The Lion of Nanaksar.

We wanted to establish a solid rationale behind the concept and develop a ‘brand story’ that reflects the SHARE values and overall character of the school.

We took into consideration the Sikh faith within the school but ensured the brand didn’t alienate other faiths. The school wanted to be seen as an open school to all faiths, races and cultures.

Our goal was to deliver a bold and modern brand identity that reflects the ‘remarkable’ in Nanaksar Primary School that was unearthed during the Discovery Call. It had to encompass the character of the school as well as the warm, welcoming environment and passionate teaching provided to each child that attends their school. To provide visual links to the Trust we also needed to incorporate an element of the Trust logo in the new brand identity.



SHARE Values – Lion

For inspiration, we looked to the world around us to provide us with a symbol that can represent the values of Nanaksar Primary School. Our focus laid on the King of the Jungle… the Lion.

The SHARE values describe key traits and symbolism of the lion. As we were to incorporate an element of the Trust logo within the school logo, the lion works perfectly. It also provides great rationale and a superb brand story behind the visual identity that we created.

The SHARE values of ‘Seva (Selfless Service), Humility, Achievement, Respect, and Equality’ can enable each child to become a Nanaksar Lion and take charge of every opportunity that life and education provides.


SHARE Values & Lion Trait Breakdown

Seva (Selfless Service)

Each Nanaksar child supports each other, every day, to achieve; they know that it is through their actions that they can make a difference in others’ lives. The lion is a selfless leader who shines with charisma; they support their community to make a difference.


The humility Nanaksar instils into each child enables them to be sincere and honest with each other as well as themselves. Humility is not about behaving as if we are smaller than we really are. Humility is being humble, as the saying goes “Be humble like a lion!”.


Recognising and celebrating the successes of each individual whilst accepting support and guidance to continually reflect and improve. The lion is a great symbol of achievement, lions represent the want to achieve goals. Adult lions guide their cubs to improve and achieve.


The respect that Nanaksar instils into its children means that they respect each other and work as a team to achieve their goals. This relates to the lion as there’s mutual respect between animals in its kingdom and every animal plays a role.



The individual differences and contributions of each Nanaksar lion are valued and their environment promotes dignity and equality. This relates to the lion as it symbolises a balance of power and equality of their society; the males and females both work together to keep the pride healthy and strong.

Brand Overview.


Brand Mark

We incorporated an element from the Trust logo; the lion shows a tie between the Trust and Nanaksar Primary School.

The brand mark delivers the SHARE values and overall feeling of Nanaksar Primary School. These values enable each child to become a Nanaksar Lion and achieve their full potential in a warm, welcoming, and equality-driven environment.

The style of the brand mark with its clean sharp lines and use of colour provides the brand identity with the bold and modern feel we aimed to achieve.

Colour Palette & Typefaces

The colour palette aligns with the Trust’s use of maroon; it also delivers the overall character and feeling of Nanaksar Primary School with the use of the psychology of colour. The typeface Filson Pro ties very well into that overall character with its curved style of characters that provides a friendly and welcoming feel.

Feedback from Nanaksar Primary Schooll.

“Thank you for your presentation, the new logo looks really good!”

Samreet Bhogal,
Marketing and Events Co-ordinator at Nanaksar Primary School, Hayes, UK


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