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Logo & Brand Design
for Longmoor Community Primary School.

We designed the new brand identity for Longmoor Community Primary School which… reflects the Remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call, incorporated the new strapline provided and ties into the Longmoor values.

Flying High with Longmoor.


Our mission was to create a brand for Longmoor Community Primary School that reflects the remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call session. It’s to be a simple clean design and provide a great insight into who they are and what they provide to reestablish their presence with current parents and children.

They’re known as ‘The Blue School’ so we were to include the current shade of blue into the brand colour palette we developed as well as reflecting the great outdoor provision they deliver. The brand should incorporate the new strapline ‘Together we grow, explore, discover’.

Finally, we were to look at how the brand mark of the logo could reflect the five Longmoor values, as well as the aspirational and explorative mindset they have. An alternative to this was to look at how the strapline could be reflected visually as it encompasses the five Longmoor values.


Longmoor’s Remarkable.

What truly makes Longmoor Community Primary School remarkable is their no-glass ceilings approach to learning and the opportunities they provide for their children. Many schools want to keep their children as children; whereas they provide them with the ability to grow and become independent, ensuring they’re prepared for secondary school and life beyond.

Along with this, their academic results are way above the average of the other schools within their community and their curriculum also encourages the children to explore and be adventurous in their discovery of their community and the world around them. This aligns perfectly with the new strapline Together we grow, explore, discover.

The Longmoor remarkable is underpinned by the five Longmoor values:
Determination, Respect, Integrity, Valour and Excellence.

Paper Plane.

In our view at Blue Apple Education, children are the best creators, ideators, and designers. Among the many innovative and simple things they learn, the paper plane is among the first.

This simple exercise of folding a piece of paper into a plane and launching evokes so much optimism, you want it to fly higher and longer. It’s your imagination, your will that takes flight (and it’s fun).

It’s the ultimate symbol and epitome of imagination, childhood, desire, adventure, communication, simplicity, creativity, belief and optimism.

We likened this to the Longmoor Community Primary School ethos that their five values develop children in becoming independent so they can take flight, and be adventurous in their journey of exploring education and the community around them whilst being prepared for Secondary School and life beyond.

Brand Overview.

Brand Mark.

Our mission was to reflect the Longmoor values and strapline within the brand mark as they provide a great insight into what Longmoor Community Primary School provides. The paper plane delivers a visual that each Longmoor child can grow, explore and discover a magnitude of opportunities and possibilities due to the five values that they aim to instill into each of them; so they’re able to take flight and be prepared for Secondary school and life beyond.



We incorporated their new strapline ‘Together we grow, explore, discover’ as this ultimately ties in the Longmoor Community Primary School brand and delivers their unique brand message and story.

Colour Palette & Typefaces.

The new colour palette incorporates the original brand blue but has been developed using the psychology of colour to ensure each colour reflects their personality and character. The typeface Filson Soft and Caveat delivers a bold, modern and creatively adventerous finish to the overall brand.

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Feedback from Longmoor Community Primary School

“It’s filled with energy and optimism.

Luke Rimmer,
Assistant Headteacher at Longmoore Community Primary

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