Powerful School
Logo & Brand Design

for Northdown
Primary School.

We designed the new brand identity for Northdown Primary School which… reflected that they’re a hub of their community that provides relief from stress and offers a homely environment of protection and love.

The Shell of Aspiration.


Our mission is to create a brand for Northdown Primary School that reflects the remarkable we unearthed during our Discovery Call session. It’s to be bold, modern, and provide a great insight into their caring community environment that provides children and parents with a great deal of aspiration, care and support.

Our research started off in the location of where Northdown Primary School is based, Margate, which is home to many attractions including The Dreamland Amusement Park, Margate Museum, and The Shell Grotto just to name a few.


With Margate being the lovely seaside town that it is one of the first things that spoke to us whilst doing our research was the seashell.

In Feng Shui, seashells come loaded with luck. Seashells provide relief from stress and offer a protective environment, they’re also a symbol of good communication, positive and healthy relationships, and prosperity. Everything that Northdown Primary School is, they’re a hub of their community that provides relief from stress, offers a homely environment of protection and love that the children may not experience at home, but also provides the parents and their local community with prosperity and aspirations that they too can achieve whatever they put their mind to and with good communication and togetherness, they can indeed achieve that.


A New Horizon.

Northdown Primary School prides themselves on providing their children with a new experience and broadening their horizons to the world around them.

Now, when you think of a ‘New Horizon’ for us we automatically envisioned the sun rising over the sea, a new day, a new moment, a new experience, a new time, not just for Northdown Primary School but for each individual child as the curriculum is tailored towards the children’s needs and the environment that they’re in.

This feeling and image were taken into consideration when we started looking at the creative for the logo and also the colour palette of the brand itself.

Brand Overview.

The Brand Elements

The shell, a hub of the community that provides relief from stress, offers a homely environment of protection, love, and support system for the children, parents, and the local community.

The colour palette and graphical element, inspired by the sunset and sunrise of new oportunities, horizons, and experiences of each child.

The chalk like texture inspired by the chalk cliffs at Batany Bay and also a nod to that Northdown Primary encourages it’s children to explore themselves and their environment around them which ultimately provides them with a new outlook.


Exploring New Horizons – Raising Aspirations

The old Northdown Primary School strapline ‘Learning and Growing Together’ didn’t really represent who they actually are as a school. The new strapline encompasses their remarkable very well and what they provide to their community.

Swipe to Unearth the Remarkable.

Feedback from Northdown Primary School.

“I can’t wait for the launch! Absolutely amazing. 
Dean really captured what we are trying to achieve!

Matthew Harris,
Headteacher at Northdown Primary School

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